Tuesday, November 29

I do indeed "mess up compasses"

Saturday I squoze in one more ride that I didn't think would happen. Although Leanne had originally posted the ride back on the 15th, there was nothing but a very loose plan up until the night before. We resorted to phone calls to pull it all together. The Other White Rich D and I would be meeting Jon Nutsack and Leanne (aka Team Pussy Willow) and we would all be meeting up with Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever.

A few weeks ago, Leanne mocked the small piece of carpet I carry around in my car for changing purposes. This time, she brought game.

The original route was overly ambitious. Discussion were had in the parking lot. Eric "PMBAR Honcho" Wever was ready to throw punches if the route didn't meet his elevated standards.

photo cred: Leanne

Eventually we settled on a "make it up as we go along" plan that provided entertainment in spades. Win, win, win.

It's Pisgah, so even a simple not-so-epic ride has hiking involved.

We stopped at the overlook on Bennett to take the typical scenic photos. Jon did not have a camera, but he did pull out his imaginary Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera with a 55 mm - 250 mm Canon EF-S Telephoto zoom lens so he could not only feel like he was with the in crowd, he was better than them by a factor of ten.

We also took pictures of each other taking pictures. It was almost as awesome as it sounds but much less.

photo cred: Eric

I also enjoyed a snack of gel that was left over from the Trans-Sylvania Epic that I didn't have a chance to finish at the Double Dare.

photo cred: Leanne
Six month old gel. It tasted like the opposite of victory.

Leanne wrecked, and we all laughed heartily at her, not with her.

photo cred: Eric

The other time she wrecked, we weren't all around to enjoy the scene, but at least we can enjoy the afterglow.

photo cred: Leanne

Honest (politically correct) Native American, we had a great time. For the locals, we hit Bennett, Coontree, Sycamore, Thrift, and Black (and everything necessary to connect them with >>>>>'s)

photo cred: Eric

Apparently Chris Strout was out in the woods that day as well, but luckily we were able to avoid him. That in and of itself, was a major victory.

Three days of riding shared with nineteen different people. With so many different people on all three rides, I feel safe sharing this bit of conversation overheard on one of the days.

Rider #1: "How long does weed stay in your system?"

Rider #2: "Not long enough."

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Chris said...

You know, every time you ride Pisgah and don't invite me, it makes me feel even more like the girl who didn't get invited to the prom. Just wait ...