Thursday, November 10

I think I'm alone now

Who knows what I'm going to get into this weekend?

So, what do you think is precisely the point of having Piglet hold Tigger's tail at this moment? What's the washtub for? Why does Pooh have his hands behind his back? Why does Rabbit have to watch and why isn't he more enthused? When do they get to know Tigger "inside and out?"

Anyways, The Pie and Fajita are on their way to Florida, so I'll be living la vida bachelor until Sunday. That means I have to make the most of my time over the next few days. Since I'm off for Nigel Tufnel day tomorrow, I'll be riding as much as possible, and when I'm sick of riding, I'll go watch others ride and jump off their bikes and back on and stand around fronting in their skinsuits.

Yesterday, I got out for some tire testing.

The Rampage has been on vacation for over a week now, and the Ardent 2.4 has been taking up the space between my front rim and the ground. Originally I had it aired up to my Rampage pressure of 18PSI, but it has proven too firm. On yesterday's ride, I was down to 15PSI, and the ride was much improved. Even at that pressure, I can feel no wallowing or unwanted roll. The tire is predictable and fast rolling, and dare I say "a contender." I will keep it there until I can get it out to the mountains this weekend for a true test.

Two things I can say about this tire are that it is absolutely a MAXXIS...

and that I like the white stencil font better than the original spooky green stencil font.

On my ride at the Backyard Trails, I noticed a lot of new work going on. This was not some of it.

I also accidentally ended up riding in a bunch that included Miss November from the just released Dirt Diva calendar (which I may or may not have more info about at some point).

On my ride home, I noticed that my neighbors are enhancing their front yard with a sweet double.

While I'm sure they intend to put that dirt to some use that will add to the value of their home, I think it's a shame that it can't be shaped and left there for awhile... like until next spring.

In Stickel news, the other day Head Stickeler Steve posted this on facebook:

I couldn't imagine what he was talking about, but when I closed my eyes and tried real hard, I came up with this:

A little over a week later, he posted this image and solved the mystery:

That is a machined yoke (not yolk) for a short stay By:Stickel. I enquired for further information, and Steve responded:

"The yoke pieces replace the previous version, which was made from 8 sheetmetal parts, bent, and seam-welded together. The new left/right assemblies are made of 2 clamshell halves welded together. . The design gives greater tire and chainring clearance than found on long-chainstay frames.... made right here in Asheville, NC."

Such a feet of engineering leads me to believe that his beard is just a ruse to make us think he's an artist when truly he is more of an evil genius kinda guy (normally clean shaven).

Photo cred: Brado

I mean, he does live in a hidden lair disguised as a massive rootball on a deserted island in the middle of the French Broad River in Asheville, NC (with a personal submarine in the garage).

Speaking of evil and genius...

Virginia Mountain Bike Trail from Scott Wootten on Vimeo.


The Boy In Greenville said...

that was a cool video at the end, and I got quite a laugh out of pooh porn. (your facebook link initially grabbed my attention, so good work with the effective advertising!)

Anonymous said...

"These go to 11". Happy Nigel Tufnel day!

Anonymous said...

i google'ed "pooh porn"....very different results. oh bother.

dougyfresh said...

thanks for that video. looks like a great time. I miss riding those mountain ranges.

Anonymous said...

"Lick my love pump" - ST