Tuesday, December 13

All is well

I got my computer back from the evil-doers. Jeff Bridges did not win this time. Either of them.

Back to our normal programming.

I spent the weekend being primary parent. No bike rides, but with some free time on my hands, I decided to wash the Punk Bike Enduro mud off my bike as opposed to throwing the shit show in the trash can. I also had some work to do in order to get the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 rideable again.

A broken spoke in my rear wheel. How could that have happened?

Oh wait, let me rewind the event VIA the Montucky blog:

"We started the derby. I ran into Dicky's back wheel and fell over. " ~ Montucky Miller

Asshole. I took him and his 20yr old lack of skillz out of the game. Anyways...

I never noticed the damage until the race was over. My massive watts just pulled the wheel around all day long regardless of the damage I was doing to the colorway on my frame.

Asshole... my attorneys will be contacting you.

I mentioned that I would be unfurling the contents of my Race Strap with real world mud all over it.

Off the bike:

Out of the strap:


A quick wipe down with my gloved hand and the tube was ready to do its job. Of course I coulda just wrapped it in plastic...


Since I decided to go back to the Race Strap (and step away from the Back Forty), I got some new sexiness recently.

I like the aesthetics of carrying my stuff under the saddle. I like cows. What can I say? The new Race Straps are longer and have a removable grip strip that... unhhh... in the words of the creator:

"The strip absorbs the minute shock under the strip rather than through it ... its like riding on a bed of springs... (and) easy cleanup"

I also got a couple of the new Clutch straps that just dropped.

They're very long, very trimmable, and damn versatile.

That's a raincoat strapped to a stem... with 4"+ to spare. I would imagine all those idiots doing extreme Trans-this-and-that type races will love these. Strap almost anything anywhere anytime. Not my cup of tea type racing, but a nice way to keep my jersey pockets free for peanut M&M's and such. By the way, cheap.

Take note: I did try to strap my foam roller to the stem, but the strap could not handle the girth. I will have to find another way to do my recovery rides.

Yeah, that's it. I feel like some kind of winner, bringing my bike back from the PBE induced dead. I hope to ride it again at some point.. like a bike. With The Pie returning tonight, I should soon have a chance to spread my tiny wings and fly away soon.

Yes, Anne Murray. Me and you.

FYI: All you haters,

I'm practicing my MGM Lion for the finish line in 2012.

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