Friday, December 9

My art has been commended as being strongly vaginal

Just to prove that my new friends don't just lay around in the woods, play with squishy bikes, and fix flats...

photo cred: Steve Harouff

Jim, Andy, and Mike getting their pre-game breakfast on (notice the bottle rockets that Andy WAS MOST DEFINITELY NOT shooting off).

photo cred: Steve Harouff

Mike and Nick... probably close to the last time I saw them actually during the event before they disappeared into the woods to get liquored up and make mudballs.

Tis the season.

Time to get fat and lazy. Time to live up to my jerk-off name.

I weighed 124lbs when I returned to Charlotte from the 2005 Trans Rockies.

I was 147.2lbs on the scale the night I came home from the Punk Bike Enduro. That's the most I've weighed since some time shortly after college.

photo cred: Steve Harouff

I rule.

Time to fall from the highest heights and embrace low expectations.

Hello off "season."

Scratching my head and my ass at the same time and seeing what happens.

I'll let you know.

For now, I'm going to spend the next three months catching up on Ultra Enduro Dyude interviews.

Ultra Enduro Dyude: AKA The Freakin' Video Camera Hunter


Sven said...

Is that a double-chinned ass? How did the upper ass get bigger than the lower ass? Weirdest thing I've ever seen...

TheMutt said...

Fat-ass. But that's just like, my opinion, man. I'm up to about 235 now, which is almost two of you. Damn.

wv: bubler

This offseason my ass will get "bubler" due to lack of riding and increased beer consumption.

Shane S. said...

Funny..I was 129 lbs. when I came back from a training camp in Boone in 2005. I am now 146.5 lbs. in the off season, and I really have no desire to starve myself and abstain from my vices much any more at 43 years old. Old fat guys rule in 2012!!

Also, watch out for that Sven guy I think he's a stalker and wants your baby batter!

dicky said...

I must divulge a secret. I have like four layers up top and one of them is a sleeveless jersey with the pockets stuffed with a vest and tools. Not all me... sorry, Sven.

Anonymous said...

The 2005 version of you looks amazing. You weigh like 120% of what you did in 2005.

Anonymous said...

I weighed 147 when I was 14.....