Tuesday, January 10

Laurel and hearty handshakes

I did ride on Saturday. My neighbor Todd, who lives less than .25 miles from my place of residence, invited me to join him and his people to ride at the "new and improved" Uwharrie.

Todd destroying all in his path

The "new and improved" Uwharrie is wide open and no longer rocky where rocks used to be. Much to like and much to be missed. The improved trail has drawn a huge amount of traffic, and thusly the increased two-way traffic has made me aware of the increased ignorance in proper trail etiquette regarding right-of-way. I didn't know what to think of this.


Without going into details, I'm just gonna say "Do unto others as you would have them get out of your way," or something like that. Common sense and courtesy. Don't harsh someone's gig, and be kind, rewind.

That's the movie version. In the politically correct edited for TV version, the old lady says "Outta my way, nigger."

Because that makes sense.

Great ride and afterwards... great (big) beer.

And I don't wanna forget to mention that I wore my new favoritist ever socks in the world... again.

Merino wool Pursuit Sevens in blazing brown... at least I think they are brown. I tried to get a photo that would show just what the color looks like, but I failed. Apparently I'm not the only that has troubles capturing this glorious earth tone.

My attempt:

and Swiftwick's lack thereof:

Out of all the socks that were in my latest shipment, these have been put into service the most.

I just don't get these socks for nothing. They are a gift in appreciation for all I do at......

whatever it is that I'm doing.

I gotta say I'm pleased. With a drawer full of black Sevens, it's nice to have options... like gray!


Not to mention some sexy SSUSA fours and a pair of twelves that let people know I like tall socks and loud colors.

The only thing that I don't like about having one pair of favorite go-to socks? Laundry time. We (me) have an issue with rogue socks in the house, and when one half of one pair goes missing, I lock down the house until the escapee is found. No one leaves, no one enters, and no one sleeps.

The Pie does not always like when I get a new shipment of socks. Something about the militant atmosphere that kills all the happiness in the house when I pull the laundry basket out of the closet. I think that's why gRant threw in the little pink pairs to appease the sock warden.


Chris said...

We were out there too and didn't run into any any trail right of way issues. The only time we had an instance where the climbing group appreciated the descending group yielding happened to be you.

dicky said...

I tend to get out of the way if I see someone coming before they see me. Not to mention, I want a clear shot at the downhills.

As Matthew Wilder sang, "Nobody gonna break my stride, nobody gonna slow me down... after I get done with this 'yielding' bullshit."

eastwood said...

What's up with removing rocks from a trail??

dicky said...

Apparently they were in the way...


No, the trail was reworked with machines. I'm not gonna debate the pros/cons, and I know that sustainability, contracts, user issues, much goes into these decisions. I'm not gonna pretend to know everything about what was done or cast harsh judgments.

eastwood said...

I guess as long as it's still a good time to ride then no big foul... I just cringe when I hear that natural technical features are removed from a trail. But I hear ya. If it's a multi-use trail and the land owners need to make everyone happy there are always concessions.

AdamB said...

I have the solution to your sock wandering woes. Let me know if you are interested. I will "sponsor" you.

wv = sessuarc

dougyfresh said...

two socks enter. one sock leaves.

Anonymous said...

$19 for a pair of fucking socks?

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

I saw that very part of Blazing Saddles on some lame-o channel last night. It was edited to just "Up yours!" without the n-word. Preferable.

dicky said...

I can not attest to nor deny the plausibility of a pair of socks capable of fornication. $20 socks.... you get it or you don't. I remember my first pair of $10 Defeat socks (1995?). Leaps and bounds better than my $10/3 pack of Kmart athletic socks. Bill Nye TSG once told me this: "Poor climbers can't afford cheap equipment."

Buy one good pair of socks or a bag of shitty tube socks. Your call.

dicky said...

I often wonder if Mel Brooks's deeper meaning was lost on those it was directed at.

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