Monday, January 23

Race, work, dogs

I rode out to the short track race yesterday. I jumped in the woods and did a quick lap when I got there. The what used to be a jump bump felt much better, but someone decided to move my rock next to the "gap" jump.

Apparently this rock was one too many. I guess there are only allowed to be so many rocks per lap, and this rock put the course over the legal limit. I looked all over for my rock in the surrounding area, even calling out for it.

"Here Rock, Rock, Rock!"

It was no use. The perpetrator had made sure that the rock could not be found. It might have been drowned in the nearby creek. Fortunately enough people enjoyed/preferred the "gap" line this week, regardless of the sanitized go-around, so I gave up my search.

I did "race" my bike, so to speak. I spent $28, mounted up a number plate...

photo cred: Mudman

and when someone said "Go!"... I did. I had a great time riding in circles, and the World Cup worthy fans made it interesting. A big thanks to Timmy for hanging back with me all day instead of mixing it up with the fasties.

photo cred: Don Butler

At one point, Tim and I realized that if we held up a little bit more, we would be lapped, thus reducing our lap count.


With two laps to go (for us), Donnie and BC came by making it one lap to go. I'm so happy that they're so fast on their bikes.

photo cred: Lunchbox

So yep, going to my "new job" today.

Goodwill pants, Goodwill wool sweater (that I bought for working as a messenger), Backcountry Research belt, Back Forty strap to keep my pants outta the chain on the commute in, Bike29 wool Swiftwicks, Bass shoes that The Dude found in the street one day at work, and Goodwill shirt that was partially destroyed riding Big Wheels at the New Belgium Urban Assault Race...

They should put a warning on those things.

Anyways, it's too bad The Dude couldn't have found me some boxer briefs.

I'm ready. Corporate America shall know fjear today.

Maybe not, but I'll send them an email with a link.

One more thing.

If you're into the whole endurance cyclocross thing (everybody is), there's a new event in Missouri; The Cedar Cross.

Why mention it here?

The race is free, but the promoter is taking donations for a local animal shelter, and if you read my blog, you know how I fell about the whole "helpless animal" thing.

There are already 80+ registered riders, so it sounds like the events already has a good head of steam considering it isn't until May 6th. Sign up, enjoy, and remember... no douchebaggery.


Chris said...

Have you talked to Dickies about a lucrative sponsorship deal? I realize that they have a corporate spelling issue, but they do make pants.

Kark said...

words fail to adequately convey how incomplete my life feels without a photo of self to compare with that shot of you riding big-wheel holding (not spilling) beer.
Everything about that says, "appropriate priorities and life well lived".

AdamB said...

Enjoy your first day of school, sweetie. Don't forget your lunch!

wv = repron

Santana said...

I am sorry you feel that I have removed "your rock”. In fact it was my rock previously claimed in 2011. So it seems you in fact were using "My Rock" without my consent. Seeing as my rock was not lying in the trail prior to the creation of the gap jump you were in direct violation of using "My Rock" without my permission in such manner therefore I removed my rock and placed it in a safer area. You will be hearing from my lawyers by the end of the week. Just to be clear I have also claimed all the rocks in the park as mine and put in place a moratorium on new rocks being introduced into the area. If you would like to lease a rock from me then terms can be arranged.


dicky said...

Damn it, Santana claimed all the rocks.

Well, at least you haves sense of humor. I'll give you that.

FYI: I just laid claim to all the rocks at Sherman (can't believe Jerry didnt already have a claim in at the Parks & Recs Rock Dept). Also just got the naming rights to the airspace above the WWC.

dicky said...

BTW: I have no intention to change anything else this year. Any further possible chances will not be my handiwork. Scout's honor.

TheMutt said...

That's one dapper little man right there.

tiles said...


Nick said...

Is the new job cool with your choice of pre-work beverage (what looks to be a SN Torpedo to your left on the bench)?

Anonymous said...