Wednesday, January 18

Sorry, but this could be the end of the world as we know it

I stole that image... or am I sharing it?

Read about SOPA on the only Wikilink that isn't blacked out today.

Help stop it here.


Mike said...

What I think if funny is you get a dozen comments about sox and zero about a real issue.
E-mail sent to rep and sen's.

Big E said...

Completely agree with Mike. It's a bunch of bullshit! Let's rock out with our cock out (Spin around and remount our bikes.) while we still can. Before "The Man" decides we shouldn't think for ourselves anymore. Oh wait, that already happend.

Anonymous said...

In a day where there is very little to do (thanks wikipedia now I can't deface the Billy Ray Cyrus page) I thought I could count on Dicky for a little enjoyment today.

But no.

Dicky has also been swayed and his blog is boring.

Come on Dicky I was really expecting something more than a lame picture.

dicky said...

I'm saving the goods for tomorrow.

OrangeCreamCycle said...

I did my part, I sure hope more than two people jumped on the anti Sopa/Pipa train.

Anonymous said...

I sent an e-mail about it to the rep in my area, and actually got a signed letter back in 2 days, with the news I hoped to hear. A real one, a real, signed with real ink personal letter.

...I hope it's not really just counterfeit from a pirate:/