Thursday, January 5

Technology stymied and true love

A few things and then something else.

I tried to make my oh-so-smart phone into a sound system.

I failed.

So my oh-so-smart phone can help me make great bike blog, but without further investment, it will not add to my in-shower entertainment.

I did find an alternative use for another piece of technology in the house, my Feedback Sports digital scale.

Had to do an in-home weight assessment for foster puppy medication. The young canine in the photo told me he felt "objectified." He weighs almost .5lbs more than my Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 frame, and although he is black and white just like my bike, he is much harder to ride.

I am not a fan of beer reviews on bike websites or in bike magazines. I wouldn't even think of putting one on my blog, but this is different. I had a beer over the holidays that was less of a beverage and more of a life experience.

SweetWater Brewing Company's seasonal Catch 'n Release Happy Ending. Very likely the best beer I have ever tasted.

Sadly, the place where I normally purchase my beer has not had it on the shelves since I first found it there around the New Year's holiday. I'm not a big fan of driving around looking for beer, and if I have to make a beer run, I normally do it on my bike anyways, thus limiting my beer finding radius slightly. I must say, if you have the chance to buy some, do so immediately.

I took the time to enjoy my last one from a glass.

Seasonal beers... why do I fall in love with one every winter? Such an unhealthy relationship that will never end well.


Anonymous said...


Andrew Brautigam said...

Christmas beers are the best...

matt mccluskey said...


Buy this for your ear holes!

I got one and it is the best thing for iPhone/iPad.

Small, light, wireless, HUGE sound.

Anonymous said...

I love seasonals, but its such a bittersweet relationship.

InsaneGreg said...

You tried to ride the foster puppy?

Joker said...

Mike Piazza? Really? Mets suck!

Anonymous said...

Just plug your computer speakers in to your head phone jack on your phone