Friday, February 3

Sweeter than Reese's Pieces soaked in grain alcohol

I talked to Steve Stickel yesterday about the new machine. He threw out some numbers, I listened to some numbers, and a general concurrence was had by all. I had asked him about whether or not I would get one of those cute CAD type drawings of my new frame to carry around like a fetal sonogram for the many weeks of waiting ahead, but he said he prefers to use a protractor, compass, piece of string, sextant, #2 pencil, and wooden yardstick to draw his frames.

He might not have said that exactly. His mouth was full of candy corn, so I could only catch every fifth word or so. Apparently when you're the bearded, eccentric frame builder in the neighborhood, parents steer their children away from your house at Halloween, and you end up eating leftover candy for months.

So I took it upon myself to head over to the Bicycle Forest and hop on the free version of BikeCAD and make my own drawing. I started with this stock bike...

and after fiddling for way toooo long with some numbers, colors, and whatnot, I came up with this:

My bike will look like that, as far as having two wheels, a saddle, and something tying it all together. Otherwise, it's a terrible representation of what's to come. What I did manage to do was waste about 1.5 hours making it, which is a small price to pay to carry a picture of my future bike baby in my wallet... assuming I carried a wallet, which I don't.

There are many details that are missing in the not-so-expert 2-D version of my frame. Things that were beyond my skill level to portray.

It will have some of this (not shown in my picture):

and this (also not shown in my picture):

and this (also, also not shown in my picture):

and most certainly one of these (also, also, also not shown in my picture):

I'm excited. Things are coming together. Parts will come from far and wide soon enough, and a bike will be assembled that will forever change the way people all over the world look at Mallomars.


pv said...

Nice CAD, but, stem's too short, wheels are too big, chain fell off and it needs pink spokes. I also prefer digi-camo bottles.

buttudder'n dat....

John Parker said...

No teaser pic's of the drop outs?

oh how will that mighty piece of utility and practicality the SRAM PC 1 get tensioned?

dicky said...

I put pink spokes on there. Shoulda bumped up the gauge. Tensioning duties will be handled by rubber bands and paper clips. Not very reliable, but easy to carry spares.

pv said...

Aaak! yer right....I missed that, it's subtle. Now I's the ignorant one. And mallowmars make my butt look big....and have a way of coming up on the 3rd lap, and, striping my chamois.

Note to self: clean screen BEFORE lambasting the Dicksterman.