Tuesday, March 27

Excuses, fat bikes, and ass

So Nik from Espada Bicycles had a huge camera out there in the woods.

I don't know how he got that image of himself in front of the human pupae.

The day started out as everybody was getting their breakfast on. We spent some time ogling bikes for awhile.

I ate a piece of bacon. I figured that was enough fuel for 35 miles of Pisgah.

Kurt and Tumas spent quite awhile doing this:

They were giggling... a lot. I don't think water was even coming out of the pump.

Nobody rode a fat bike, despite deceiving appearances.

Thank my lucky stars. I fucking hate fat bikes.

After the ride, I tried to see how many excuses I could come up with for my lackluster performance.

Poor nutrition, stem too long, stem too short, Thomas too fast, bad chainline....

brake rubbing, rode through poo...

Tumas didn't have any excuses. There's no slowing down with a Silver Bullet.

I was supposed to get some Preparation H out of my car for Colin's sore and abraded ass. When I went back to the car Saturday night, I crawled in and went to sleep... forgetting about Colin's ass.

Sorry Colin's ass.


GrumpyOne said...

Do you only hate because you don't own a fat bike yet? ;-)


TheMutt said...

Did you actually ride? It looks like everyone was just standing around.

'e' said...

Fat bikes are the jam!, bitch, I mean rich

dicky said...

If fat bikes are the jam, I'll stick with jelly.

Jon Danger said...

you know the difference between jam and jelly?

Peter Keiller said...

I fucking hate fat bikes. And fat people.
Not because I dislike each or either in particular but because I think it's important to hate on things that other people hate on. Less conspicuous that way.

dicky said...

Ah..... the same reason I hate Canadians. Maybe it's just fat Canadians on fat bikes that bother me.

Anonymous said...

Just got Owned

DRB said...

Being seen with a ginger is no bueno. Especially gingers with stupid facial hair.

the original big ring said...

"Ah..... the same reason I hate Canadians. Maybe it's just fat Canadians on fat bikes that bother me."

You pointing fingers?!?

Words cut. No fucking snow monkey for you.