Tuesday, March 20

Goal Post

The anticipation is over.

The By:Stickel has come and with it and end to the wait. The Twin Six Dark Horse hangs on the wall in a state of limbo as things that I thought were sorted out are still being sorted. All has been done to prepare myself for the "season" in terms of equipment. My bike room is organized, my race shoes are polished, my helmet pads have been replaced with some new, non-stinky ones, and all my objective ducks are in their figurative rows and literal columns. Sponsor Liaison and Equipment Acquisitions Director, Admiral Ackbar has done his job, and now it's time to get down to serious business.

Candid moment in the Bad Idea Racing Employee Break Room

By "serious business," I'm not referring to "training." That's still a ways off in the future as I still have two and a half weeks before my first "big" event. Plenty of time to come up with excuses for my lack of fitness between now and then. I have more important things to do, like taking this:

and making it into this:

and getting it on my sidebar.

Stretching and shrinking it to fit took way longer then it should have. Just getting that sample screen grab of my butt that you see up there took five minutes since I had to time the revolving gif image just right. I could have been writing a quality post or putting on extra miles, but this is the kinda thing that has to be done in an attempt to pay back even the most curmudgeonly of Dick Supporters with something other than actual race results.

I am dubbing this year the 2012 All Apologies Tour, for no better reason than the fact that it is what it is.

I'll either be fat and slow, or sleek and fast, or tired and hungover, or lazy and unmotivated, or distracted and staring at my feet. Whatever happens happens. To my sponsors that supported me in a manner that affected them financially in order to make great bike race, I'm sorry I took the money.

No goals aside from the goal of not setting any goals which is a pretty good goal to not have... if you like goals.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your old bike????

dicky said...

Still got it, fully built and good to go.