Thursday, March 29

More than meats the "I"

Wow, so yesterday I read (lightly skimmed and looked at pictures) an article about Mario Cipollini training with the MCipollini-Giambenini-Gauss women's team.

I thought, "What great blog fodder."

"Look at all these images of Mario with women in lycra posed in compromising positions."

They say he rules his team with an iron fist. Here we see Mario preparing to use said "iron fist" to condition his athlete to make great bike race.

That's enough material for at least one day's blogging. Righteous Bike Snob'esque type material. I wonder if he's already covered the topic...

Of course he has. Not only has he already covered the topic at great length, it's only half his incredibly wordy post for the day. I guess I woulda known that had I just read BSNYC on a daily basis like the rest of the known world, but I don't have that kinda attention span most days. I spend most of my time on the internet staring at this looking for deeper meaning:

What I had trouble figuring out is that he wrote his post on Tuesday...

while major cycling industry media moguls didn't have anything posted up on the topic until much later (in the world of cycling industry scoopage):

This has me convinced that BSNYC truly is more of an insider than we ever imagined. He is also from New York City, site of the infamous 911 tragedy, which as we all know, was an inside job. You can draw your own conclusions. Normally I would have created an intricate photoshop meme to support my point, but now that BSNYC is a twice published author, I'm sure he has an army of lawyers googling on an hourly basis looking for attacks on his unblemished image.

I just tried to photoshop a cover for for his third book, "I Know All, I See All, I Shit Funny" and my computer crashed.

I hear helicopters outside...

Lemme go take a look.

In case I don't come back...

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