Friday, March 23

Size matters

I never mentioned that I got out for my second ride on my new By:Stickel on Wednesday. I rarely ever attempt to go for rides after work , but I could no longer miss the opportunity to spend more time riding around in a pollen soup so I could end up back at the house hungry and tired with barely any time to get ready for the next day. Out of convenience, I hit the Backyard Trails since they are the closest dirt I've got. Tight, twisty, and slow was not what I was thinking when the Dickstickel Meatplow V.6 was conceived, but something goofy was going on that I hadn't noticed before. After riding 2/3 of the trail, I stopped to check the bike over visually.


My seat had slid back a full inch on the rails. My bad. I had preassembled the seat/post and forgot to torque it down.

72.5° STA + 19mm layback MOOTSpost + 25mm rearward seat rails

Pull out a 6mm, loosen, shift, tighten and things were all better.

For no better reason than that I've been told countless times my stem is too short, I picked this up last night.

Is bigger better? Is more morer? Is this America?

Is googling for images of "penile enlargement" with the safe search turned off a good idea?


This should make the weekend interesting (or it will suck). I haven't had anything longer than a 70mm since 2004... maybe. Ever since I started riding 29'ers, I've spent two years at 50mm and two years at 70mm, so this is a first. Driveway wheelie tests are still a positive experience, steering still feels quick enough, and I feel like I look a little more Eddie O'dea and a little less Pee Wee Herman.

Googled "Pee Wee Herman" and this came up as a result. Oddly enough, it also came up while I was googling "penile enlargement."

Swapped over to the 32X20 and now the bike has 16.25" chainstays while using a half-link.

I'd say that's a win.

Also of note, I always tend to leave my bars at full length on a new build. I then go out and ride them and enjoy the extra leverage. Then my hands hurt. Then I move my hands closer to the stem to avoid the discomfort. Then I cut the bars down to where my hands feel good... always 26.5"

Drink beer, measure four times, drink beer, cut three times.


Joe Dirt said...

Never had to cut down bars myself (maybe thats why my hands hurt?) Which grips are those?

dicky said...

Bontrager Race Lites.

I could tell that's what's going on. So glad I get to relearn it every time I get a new bar.

pv said...

Aaaand, yer post's still bent.

Had my new SLR come loose first ride, 2 hours in, 2 to go...gawdawful sound grinding across the ratchets of the EC70 post- thought the seat failed, just before my sack said howdy to my Panaracer crotch-claw. First thought was "FK, this is gonna be a long day"...but all turned out to be ok. Joy!

Anonymous said...

What's with the Slime Tubeless sealant? Is that what you run? Do you use it as part of a homebrew or just straight up?

Stan's goo cost more per oz. than Wooly Mammoth Tear Drops.

dicky said...

I have run it in the past. I will probably run it again in the future. I have a little bit of Stan's left in various bottles that I'll use up until it's gone.

Anonymous said...

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tylz said...

your stem is too short