Friday, April 6

My shit is anything but together

When I got off work yesterday, I realized I had not taken care of my pre-race nutritional needs for tomorrow's 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. When I got off at 5:00PM, I started to take the long way home so I could stop at the shop and pick up the necessary ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast. Then I saw the lightning...

Which reminded me that I needed to mow the lawn, since it had grown at an unexpectedly alarming rate in my absence. There would be no time to do it Friday night, since I'm picking the family up at the airport and anally poring over my race shit list.

So pick up the pace, pick up the goods, and start my engine.

I'm still paying for these? You woulda thought they would have sponsored me by now. I sent them my portfolio of nudes and told them I was a World Champion. What more could they possibly want in an athlete?

I got the lawn reduced to a reasonable height, now I just need to rent a baler.

I got back in the house, and the storm came hard, like a hippo jumping out of a lake. After a simple bachelor style supper, I readied my pit for the first official race of the season.

That's it. Six bottles, six gels, six Honey Stinger waffles, one Awesome'd up tube/tire lever/Genuine Innovations Fat 20, one stuffed Tülbag, three packs of tasty mustard, and my iPod Shuffle. That's what I need to make (sorta) great bike race.

And somehow I accomplished little else last night. Season finales of Community and 30 Rock pulled my attention away from the tasks that I shoulda had at hand, and will now have to be attended to later. Things that are hanging over my head, new brakes to put on the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5, write an article for Dirt Rag, finish building the Fire Mare (including drilling holes in it for some Riv-Nuts)... gotta love going on vacation.

And last night I laid in bed thinking about all this shit I need to do... while listening to the rain.


North Wilkesboro is only 1.75 hours from my house. Are they getting rain? Should I have mounted the Beaver up in the rear? Last year's 6WC was the very reason I bought the Beaver, so why am I laying in bed and not mounting it up right the fuck now?

Does .85" of rain sound like a lot? Like a Beaver lot?

What difference does it make? Although it's the first official race of the "season" for me, I've definitely changed my approach over the last few years. I used to train through March to prepare for it, but now I just use it as a kick in the ass to show me just how much work I need to do in order to be prepared for a less than gentle May.

Saturday, race.

Sunday, accomplish the shit outta some things.

Monday, race report.

Drew from Industry Nine is bringing my remaining pink parts. Am I vain enough to install them before the race?

That's a dumb question.


Anonymous said...

Mount the beaver in the rear

Anonymous said...

6 bottles = 6 laps this year???

TheMutt said...

"Mount the beaver." ~ awesome.

I'll see you there bright and early.

AdamB said...

You gotta mount the Beaver. Besides the fact that it is a very good tire. How often are you going to turn down some available beaver, anyway? Duh

pv said...

Don't get yer new Beaver all wet 'n shitty now....

Sent the BR some pics from last week's ride...get yer butt out here for some real goodness.

Watts said...

Shit. I'm hydrating with beer right now. Whatever plans I had to get my shit together have... well, gone to... shit. Shit. I see you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

pink parts didn't work?! good think you have a really expensive bike to do 2 laps at a 6 hour race.

dicky said...

"Good think" indeed.