Friday, June 29

Talk about mudflaps

Sun Valley, Idaho.


Pinch me.

On second thought, don't. I'm agliophobic.

The timing of this trip is perfect. Not so much that I'll be riding above 6,000 feet for seven days just two weeks before the most important race on the international cycling calendar, but because I'm almost out of beer from the Great Birthday Beer Purchase of 2012.

Sad, but all good things must come to an end... like the hopes for an Encino Man sequel. Since Zac and I will be cruising the mountain buddy movie style, perhaps we'll find refreshments anew.

I don't wanna take the buddy theme too far. There's buddy movies and then there's "buddy" movies.

We won't be going to that Idaho... not that there's anything wrong with that.

*insert some Seinfeld clip here*

Travel, packing, planes, automobiles, maps, a disgusting travel toothbrush from 2001... it will all be worth it. Tomorrow I'll be tooling around on a shifty bike for the first time in over a year and looking down at a 26" wheel for the first time in five years. And then I get to race it on Sunday down a 3,350 foot mountain. What could go wrong?

And then the rest of the week is just ride, ride, ride, ride, ride...

until they kick us out of the hotel.

Like I said before, I'll try to update the blog some next week, but when I'm in Rome, I like to get all Roman'esque... not sit in front of a laptop. We'll see.


dougyfresh said...

you better update the blof. being an Industry Insider you are obligated...

have fun! say hi to Grig for me.

hope so see you at SSUSA next month.

TheMutt said...

Almost out of beer? Pffft, I ran out of the beer I bought that day in a couple of hours. Sounds like you're doping.

Rob said...

Have a good trip boys! And instead of Seinfield, I'd go Planes, Trains and Automobiles for a good clip.

pv said...

"On second thought, don't. I'm [agliophobic]."

50 fukking cent word alert. And 26" wheels?

What's next, hariy legs and sleeved jerseys?

Ya hit yer head as well as yer elbow?

DRB said...