Wednesday, August 22

Breck Epic 2012: Stages Five and Six

Stage Five:

Wheeler. The big one. The peleton would start in waves. In an attempt to keep Peter and I out of everyone's way, we started a minute or two behind our arch enemies, Blake and Bryan. We had to slum it with the single speeders.

I rode ahead of Peter. I waited. I walked ahead of Peter. I waited. The hike up to Wheeler was uneventful for me. Not so much for Peter.

photo shop: Peter

When he got the the very top he informed me that he lost his iPhone somewhere between the two very high points on the course.

"It's my life, my business!"

"Wanna go back and look for it?"

"Fuck that."

Peter led the descent down Wheeler. We were a mess at the top above tree line, spending more time off the trail than on. Once we got our shit together, we passed lesser riders all the way down. Peter led the way down the mountain below the treeline in a most heroic and noble fashion.

"Out of my way, Mr and Mrs Elden or I will run you down like a couple of wanted criminals!"

Peter out-fatted me down the gradual descent on the bike path. All week long, I had held up just outside the aid stations lest we get penalized for being more than two minutes apart.

I found Peter waiting for me at the aid station stuffing his pie hole.

I got my revenge by sprinting up the Peak's Trail all the way back to the finish trying to clean everything.


and not.

photo shop: Peter

Wheeler really tires folks out.

Stage Six:

A truce had been called amongst the lower ranking single speeders. All agreed that we would ride at a "Peter Pace" which meant we would take it easy while Peter continued to punish himself.

Beer would be had.

Solidarity was observed for the most part. Frat house mate and man servant Diurba joined us at the top of Boreas pass, only to rip the derailleur hanger off his Salsa Fargo halfway down Gold Dust. I must say it did a lot for my ego getting my doors blown off by a big guy on a drop bar bike equipped with skinny'esque tires. Meh.

Peter Pace was a little too fast for Peter at times.

photo cred: Bird Man

Nothing really mattered. We took the second to the top spot regardless of our less than stellar all week long performance.

Peter was a bit confused. He thought he won a life sized Blake doll.


Anonymous said...

Too funny... Peter's your honey-hole! Thanks Dicky for the morning chuckles.

Peter Keiller said...

That's how it went. Almost exactly.

Chip Batson said...

Mmmkay....... school started for the kids this morning, so I have a request; post your bloggy blog a little earlier so I'll have time to read it before hauling the booger eaters to school and my ass to work.

You're a swell guy and I appreciate your help with this matter.

- Chip