Friday, September 21

Gag Me Style

The week is over.  I've had time to mourn the possible loss of the finale of the 2012 race "season."  I am sad.  I would imagine you are as well, but you should be used to it by now.

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My presence was missed.  It's not often that I say that I'm gonna be somewhere and not show up (unless it's a finish line).

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But I am, after all is said and done (by others), a loser.

Interbike ends today.  I've seen nothing that thrills me.  That is a direct result of being a jaded Luddite.  The coverage has seemed lazy this year. Taking photos and just trying to post them before everyone else is the new coverage.  I want information.  Information.

Just as embedding videos is the new lazy blogging.

I think what I wanted to see was just one DECENT 650b single speed specific frame for $700... with a 23" and change top tube and TWO water bottle mounts.  Something I coulda wasted my money on in order to see what it's all about before deciding that I just threw away even more money in the pursuit of cycling perfection.

The one thing I saw a few times in the coverage was the oft spewed " we didn't want it to ride like a 29er" or “not bad for a 29er."  That kinda shit.  I like the way my 29er rides.  They haven't really felt like doo-doo on wheels ever since fork manufacturers started giving us forks with bigger offsets.  Tell me that your 29er doesn't ride like a 29er, and I'll tell you that you're doing it wrong.

That said, I'm probably riding little wheels in the mountains tomorrow.  I hope it's "not bad for a 26er."

Remember what I told you yesterday.  Gangnam Style will be the name of one bike product introduced at next year's Interbike.

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AdamB said...

At least Iron Maiden rides like Iron Maiden...

dicky said...

Truer words never spoken.

Anonymous said...

Dicky, don't let the Interbike nonsense affect your blog! I come here for information, information, information. Oh, and to check out your Photoshop skillz. You're the new standard.

John Parker said...

3 random but not so deep thoughts

When a car (and not even the real version) is the coolest thing at interbike, well nuff said.

where is the fat bike hate, was really looking foward?

what about "converting" a 26er with slideing drop outs for 650b duty? yes it will kick the bb up but not enough ruin the ride (to me anyway)

dicky said...

I've got fat bike hate. Guess I haven't shared it in awhile.

Putting 650b's on anything other than a bike built around 650b's ain't gonna do it for me. No half-ass for me. Only whole-ass.