Wednesday, September 5

I need a drink and a quick decision

The post-Shenandoah Mountain 100 race experience did not disappoint. The best part about quitting at mile 57 was getting all cleaned up and starting the party at 2:00PM.

photo cred: Nate Shearer

The latest thing in Harrisonburg technology is the Flabongo (or FlaBongo or Fla Bongo). Basically a pink flamingo lawn ornament with the head cut off and a large filling hole cut in its stomach. So it's basically a beer bong, but with style. You can drink out of it with your shirt on...

photo cred: Chris Merriam

or not.

There was a moment late in the night when we rousted Sideshow Garth from his slumber for an impromptu FlaBongo'ing. A while later, I snuck off to bed around midnight looking to get some sleep before the lonely five hour drive back to Charlotte. Even later, I could hear the rowdy mob looking for my hammock. As I heard Garth, Thom, Nate, Tyler and others coming closer, I drew the edges of my hammock up tight around myself in the hopes that they would give up easily.

"He's sleeping."

"No way."

"Let's Sharpie him."

"I'm gonna put my penis on him."

I unfurled my fabric burrito and said, "No Sharpies."


AdamB said...

Sharpies were your greatest fjear?

BigBikes said...

There is video that is really more audio of that entire incident. "DON'T MAKE THIS HARD ON US OR WE'LL MAKE IT HARD ON YOU!"

And man, I should ride my bike more...I put the "flab" in Flabongo.