Monday, October 1

Flexible Lemonade

The Pie was gone for the last five days.  I was prepared to make hay while the sun shined.  No prepared with plans, but with good intentions.

I headed over to Jon Danger Evans's house Thursday night for Wii bowling and beers.  Quick check of google maps and I was on my way.

This is actually on google maps.

Much more interesting on the ride home after my commuter light had died and I was a few beers in.

The evening was what it was.  Bowling in the garage from Silence of the Lambs, drinking beer, talking bout bikes.

Friday night, I had been talked into a ride with Kangalangmangus and Dave. As the evening wore on, the rain started coming down in buckets.  I checked the trail status... closed.  I sent texts, I made calls.  Midnight was fast approaching and the 7:00AM departure had to be thwarted.  Eventually we had a new plan...

that by dawn was equally pointless.

More rain had hit Charlotte, and even more was on the way.  The trails were going to be shit.  Kangalangmangus was already headed to my house.

When he arrived, we discussed our options.  Doing nothing sounded lame, so I talked Kangalangmangus into heading out for some organized trailwork.  Even though he was wearing track pants and Crocs, he was still game.

Chick Magnet indeed.

I was all but prepared to spend my last bachelor day riding the trails at Poplar Tent alone, being that they are permanently closed starting Oct1.  There would be enough people there to ride with I wouldn't need a preconceived plan.  Then Eric called...

"How early can you get to Pisgah?"


I so wanted to sleep in just one day over the weekend.  I agreed to get up at 5:00AM and head west.

The Pie took the Fit of Rage and its bike rack to Florida.  I was left with the rackless Corolla.  After Tetrising my Scott into the truck Saturday night, I went to bed... angry.

This was the scene in my driveway Sunday morning (except it was quite dark).

I met Eric, (former)Race Nazi Dennis showed up, a ride ensued.  Eventually I got over my Cameron Frye issues and had fun.  Squirrel was in great shape.

 photo cred: Eric
Black Mountain and Turkey Pen were bomber. 

 photo cred: Eric

Such an incredible day in the woods.  I was glad Eric talked me into my car, a bit bummed to have missed my last chance to ride Poplar, but I'll get over it.  The Scott Genius does not disappoint in Pisgah.  Still not my cup of tea, but holy shit it rails down the mountain.  It's a pleasant vacation from the same ole same ole. 

Life goes back to normal tonight.  Wife, kid, hygiene, meals, coordinating schedules...

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