Friday, October 12

The Rise of the Last Minute Death Machine

It all started innocently enough.  A simple mustard related question from Layla on Facebook on Monday.

"The Grind" she is referring to would be the 6 Hour Grind on the Greenway this weekend, not an aggressive, overly demanding pole dance maneuver.

I hadn't thought too much about doing the Grind (the race or the pole dance move) but a quick look at the weather this weekend and the race related amenities (beer), and it sounded like something I could get into... except for the riding for six hours thing.  I presented the possibility of doing the event as a coed duo team to Layla.  We decided to revisit the topic at a later date.  At the time, there were no other entries in the coed duo class.  Getting 1st of one sounds as bad as getting 2nd of two.  I decided to wait and see.

By Wednesday morning, there were two teams registered.  It was go time. I consulted with Layla, and the decision to put our money where our respective mouths reside was made.  I would register us that evening.

By Wednesday night, we had a race on our hands.  Luke Sagur and Elsa Lee had joined the fray.

This is Luke.

What seems like a thousand years ago, I was able to beat Luke when we were together in the single speed class at certain events.  I assumed I would always beat him forever ad infinitum.  Then he got serious while I remained true to my less than serious methodology.  He became a lightning speed, Pro licensed racer and a USA Cycling certified coach.  I continued to languish in mediocrity.  Luke is fast, faster than me by a long shot.

This is Elsa.

She's always happy.  I don't get that.  She's also one of Luke's athletes.  I believe that means that she gets more than just mustard advice from him.  They will be some serious competition.

But this is Layla.

That would be the finish line at the Pisgah 111, the meanest sumsabitchin one day race in Western NC.  While not quite being a veteran but certainly not a novice at endurance racing, Layla was a bit of a Pisgah back country race virgin.  That didn't stop her from signing up for the Pisgah 111 nor did it stop her from finishing in a respectable time.   She also did the race on tiny little tires that scared the living piss outta me.  She is worthy.

As of this morning, there are six teams registered.  I am worried that I may have started something.  Race related smack talk has shown an increased interest in the coed duo class, one that will carry over into next year's 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  An event that I've been planning on duo'ing up on for months now.  I have yet to secure my partner for said event.  Perhaps Just Katie Miller is waiting to see if I treat Layla nicely or berate her in the pits for a less-than-smooth swapping of the timing chip.

Layla did allow me to name the team.  Not wanting to hog the spotlight or make this all about me, I decided to not go with "Team Dicky."

Last Minute Death Machine.  That should intimidate half the field, the half that doesn't know how fast I've lost any hint of fitness or that Layla had to dust her bike off for this weekend.

And as to the whole doping thing going on...

I woulda loved to have blogged in a timely manner on this topic, but I think the cycling media elite would agree that this weekend's Six Hour Duo Coed World Championships is a much more newsworthy story.  Maybe I'll get to it eventually.  There's a lot more on my mind than I can fit in a Facebook post.


Anonymous said...

How about "Team Chick & Dick"?

John Parker said...

you have got something there with Jens's comments (or lack there of)....and he may not have ever doped but to sit there mute is called denial plain and simple.