Thursday, November 29

More pink more of the time

There are many changes going on behind the scenes here.  Some big, some small, some irrelevant.  I've been wanting to try something for years, but my devotion to a certain ideal kept me from trying it out.  The science seemed sound, but like a true zealot, I buried my head in the sand and kept my faith.  A message from a not so far away place sent to Bad Idea Racing headquarters from a known entity came via digital communique.  After some deliberation and ass scratching, it was decided that a new direction was in order.

Admiral Ackbar, Sponsor Liaison and Equipment Acquisitions Director, is taking all the credit on this one.  Yes, Endless Bike Company is now a 2013 sponsor.  I would not give him full credit on this new relationship.  I've been wanting to run huge cog/ring combos for years now, but was limited by my particular choice in cogs.  Too lazy to pursue it any further, I just dropped the notion.It's not a new idea.  Gerry "The Pflug" Pflug is a proponent of the concept, but what works for The Pflug doesn't always work for the masses.  According to the article, he runs a wide range of gears.  How wide?  A six tooth difference in cogs, gears comparable to 32 X 17 all the way up to 32 X 22.  I only use three different gears on mine own bicycles destined for trail use; local, hilly, and super mountain.  That's it.  Makes sense though.  Back in junior high drama productions, I was told I had limited range.

Next year, I will be running 38 X 21, 22, and 23.

If you do the math (I did it twice), I'll be stepping up a little in the gear inches with my new choice.  The 38 tooth ring means that I had to go one way or the other, either a few inches bigger or smaller than what I was used to with a 32T.  I guess this means I need to get stronger, lighter, or better looking.

Not only that, but a mechanically inclined individual I know has theories based on remote control cars that claim I am placing myself at even more disadvantage.  Flywheels, small motors, and "snap out of corners..."

I fell asleep during the conversation, but in the end I understood that we were on different pages.

BUT (and that's a big but)

In my initial testing I think I can feel a difference in drive train smoothness.  Friction seems greatly reduced when I spin the cranks backwards.  Although I can see loosey/tighty things going on with the chain due to the lack of perfection in my ring installation, it seems to have a positive impact on overall resistance.

In mentioning Endless Bike Company, I'd like to give a special shout out to Shanna Powell.  Not only is she the one who saw to it to get me on Endless's Kick Ass cogs, she will also be my fashion adviser for 2013.

photo cred: Frank Bott

Shanna lives in Western NC and Endless Kick Ass Cogs are made there as well.  It's a great fit for Bad Idea Racing, given that fellow Western NC manufacturers Cane Creek and Industry Nine are also in my circle of friends.

The cogs are super wide at the base (6.35mm), made of durable 7075-T6 alloy and come in colors other than pink.

but why would you want a color other than pink?


Andrea said...

Oooooo... purple

bentcrank said...

Sweet!! I have always wanted an Endless Cog and now with the colors, they look even better.

It is a good thing that Ackbar is stepping up to the plate since with all the voting going on, Mike's fee might go up if he gets in to the hall of fame.

CB2 said...

Kim said...

Ha! You have a big but.

Sinjin Eberle said...

I use em...but I have silver. Yaawwwnnnn...

John Parker said...

running chainring cog combo's like that is so late 90's Mike Ferrentino of you.....and yes I think it's "faster" as well.

Jon Danger said...

I'm sure you can handle a few more inches.

Kris said...

be sure to get some iStrongGirl earrings for Xmas while visiting the Endless store. Dicky is donating a dollar to RNC for every pair ordered!