Thursday, November 15

Where muh ballz at?

Yesterday morning, I prepared my bike and bike related gear for an after-work night ride.  The Pie was going to be occupied, so she had given me the go ahead for a night of fun.  Of course, I actually had a busy day being all messengery and ended up riding all aboot town.  The closer to 5:00 it got, the less I wanted to go for a night ride.


The virtual blow of the whistle and the punching of the time card just minutes away, I visualized riding home, changing clothes, loading up the car, hopping into rush hour traffic, and entering the trail alone on a cold windy night.

I grasped at a straw...

The Jon Danger Evans straw.

There was beer leftover from the alley cat this past Friday at the Spoke Easy that needed to be drank.  Once again, I borrowed the festive Christmas mug from the office kitchen and headed 29 blocks south.  Sadly, I was only given a one hour respite from the world of responsibility, as the shop closed at 6:00PM because it magically turns into a yoga studio on Wednesdays.

No worries.  After having a facebook conversation with one of the Pasty White Bearded Hill People, I felt compelled to design a t-shirt.  The discussion revolved around doing the SWANK 65 on a rigid single speed and what a stupid idea it is to do so.

Which made me think of the new Twin Six Rigid Brotherhood t-shirt...

and how I think I could have made it better.

I do not foresee Brent and Ryan ditching the slightly more artistic design from Mr LaLonde, but perhaps they will finally consider my personal BBB (Bare Belly Brigade) line in the future.

Tonight at 8:55, I will be walking out of the Madonna concert early so I can pick up Harlan Price at the Megabus station.

Oddly enough, I can't find a picture of him riding a bike.

He is crashing at my house on his way to the Upstate Cranksgiving Weekend down in South Carolina this weekend.  A weekend of fun on the bike with a Super D, Enduros, Alley Cat, and Dirt Jam bike party.

I wanted to go this event a little bit, but I was not willing to push my luck at home.  I've had quite a few weekends of racing in the last couple months, and I wasn't about to ask for another. 

But then two days ago, The Pie's plans for the weekend changed, and Saturday opened the hell up...

but the race is now sold out.

So I have two options on the table for the weekend.  Organize a day trip to the mountains or follow through with a plan that involves a charity ride, a fair amount of commuting, a farewell party with not one but two kegs of IPA, and a long, dark commute home with a stupid amount of miles in my legs.

Or I could stay home all day and work on more t-shirt designs.


AdamB said...

Me thinks you should get into the T-shirt and lingerie biz...
Too bad you won't be able to call it "Dickies."

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