Friday, December 21

Ermagherd, ermagherden

Well, I woke up.

The earth is still here.


I was kinda hoping it would go the other way.  I've committed myself to going camping and riding this weekend.  A very small Faster Mustache Team Building Exercise 2012.  It's going to be cold... like low 20's cold.  I am not a hardy camper by any extreme.  The idea of driving 2.5 hours tonight just so I can set up camp in the dark and sleep in the woods in order to wake up tomorrow shivering in my bag until it's warm enough to ride?  Silliness.

Not to go into this unprepared, I went brocery shopping last night.

At least I have a new puffy coat to wear, compliments of my w√ľnderkind sponsor, Peter of Misfit Psycles.
Did he send me a Christmas card or anything useful?

No.  He's not like that.  Mostly useless things, like a fart in a zip-loc bag.

Very unlike the Head Dick Handler at Cane CreekChris "Don't bother me, I'm counting Interlok spacers this week" Strout managed to get my Christmas gift out in time.

I decided that for Christmas 2012, I am going to bang my head into a brick wall once more.  I can't get enough.  This is just the first piece of the puzzle.  Other pieces will be falling into place soon enough.

You can read some conjecture here on Bike Rumor, but I got the straight poop on Wednesday.  This and other developments were a major impetus for this project.

More as there is more to more.

The Pie is in the other room watching the weather.  She's shouting out updates.  Snow in Asheville today.  High wind advisory until 6:00PM tomorrow night in the mountains. Gusts up to 70mph (that's like 300 Canadian mph). 

Perfect camping weather.

Happy Bike Commuter Turn Around Day.

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