Friday, December 28

Making it up as I go along

I can say that it's finally feeling like the holidays around here.  First I get the Fibonacci Spacer Kit from Endless bikes, and then this shows up in the mail only two days late.

The 1st annual Peter Keiller/Misfit Psycles holiday card.  A lot of effort went into the design of this card in order to make your life, as a card purchaser/sender, easier. 

So glad he put in the extra effort to make mine super special.  I bet the one he sent Evan Plews wasn't all awesomed up with additional illustrations. Fortunately, other friends are making this holiday season joyous as well.

Dejay Birtch, world famous single speeder and cosmic wave surfer extraordinaire, posted a picture of his nuts on facebook with a happy holiday greeting.

"I hope Santa brought you a sack full of gifts this year! I know I did!"

(actual image festively framed and greatly photoshopped to reduce the scrotalness of it all)

Unfortunately, the powers that be at Facebook took it down pretty quickly, so not everyone got to enjoy Dejay's sack of goodies.  I'm not sure if the image was actually Dejay's balls anyhow.  His left testicle looks a lot more like Ed Asner.

Friendly mountain bike racer happy time girl, Sonya Looney, advises us to not enjoy the holidays too much this year in order to make great bike race in 2013.

"I try to drink less beer, and might say no to the second (or third) chocolate-chip cookie..." 

Second or third cookie?  Implying that she eats just ONE cookie?  I'm standing in the kitchen covered in crumbs and shame wondering if I should eat a second dozen or just eat ALL THE COOKIES.  Then again, she is a three time national champ and I'm only a "World Champion"... so there's that.

More holiday news?

Well, I did get this for Kwanzaa:

This will be fodder for many blog posts to come, but a comment left on Bike Rumor yesterday sums it up pretty well.

"XX1 is an excuse for old and worn out single speeders to switch to gears without compromising their desire for simplicity. Those same MTBAARP folks will probably pick up a full suspension ride to go along with it as well."

Fuckin' A.  I swear there's a lot more to it than that, but it's a topic for later discussion.

And lastly...

Want to enjoy the pleasures of opening gifts all year long and feel like an elitist industry insider douchebag at the same time?

If you join SchwagBox, you'll get a box of happy in the mail once a month.  Yes, you will pay for the honor, but realize that we elitist industry insider douchebags sell a bit of our souls to get free product.  All you'll have to do is plunk down a little plastic.  Have more questions?  Don't ask me.  Check out the FAQ's for more info.

All that just happened.

Remember, the best moments in life are all unscripted.


Drew said...

give me that stumpy. right now.

sonya said...

haha, love it. Eat your heart out, Dicky :)

Paul Cunningham said...

best card ever

Anonymous said...

How many frames does that make this year ?

dicky said...

Who counts such things?