Wednesday, January 2

Ropes being pissed up from the get-go

I bitch.  I whine.  I complain.

Nothing here is new.

Not about big stuff normally, like the grounds in my coffee right now.  I could complain about those, but I'll just drink them.  All the grounds.

On December 18th, I bitched about my new gloves that were coming apart at the seams.  I whined about the fact that the Giro website was down.  I complained that my original point of purchase was 2.5 hours from my house, I had no receipt, and more than likely no warranty claim.

I called them on December 26th anyways.

A female answered the phone.  She was quite friendly.  She was incredibly helpful. I didn't even have to say "I'm Team Dicky, Dirt Rag contributor, infamous blogger, World Champion 24 Hour Solo Single Speeder, and fellow industry insider douchebag."  I play that card at the deli counter all the time, whether I need to or not. 
She asked which gloves I had.

" Giro DND Black/Rad Star," I replied, with the hyperlink embedded in my spoken word.

"Please hold," she gently squawked.

"Mr DoDillen, we will send you a new pair.  Please allow 5-10 days for your gloves to arrive. Due to the holidays that are pretty much over, it would be closer to the ten days, but due to your being an industry insider douchebag, you'll get them in five.  When you get your new gloves, all that we ask is that you destroy the old pair, preferably by giving them a Viking funeral, such as you would give a noble hamster."

And lo and behold, on the fifth day, I received my new pair of Giro DND Black/Rad Star, size medium.

There are many like them, but these are mine.  I will keep my promise to destroy my old ones, but I don't think I will set them ablaze on a tiny raft.  No, they will endure a long period of destruction, as I have christened them as my new trail work gloves.  It seems like a much more honorable death.

I have bitched about Giro before.  I offer this post as a tiny apology unto my fellow industry insider douchebags at Giro and their families that I may or may not have cursed in my prayers when I had to shit-can a whole helmet when the Roc-Loc 5 failed me.  Thank you for making such nice gloves...

that don't have a lame, self-destructing Roc-Loc feature.

Thank you.

What a great way to start the new year.