Monday, January 7

Weekends were made for things not Michelob

It was a great weekend, the re-telling of which will be mildly boring.  I had been called out on a ride planned for Saturday via the book of faces.  With no other plan in mind, I allowed myself to be swayed that way.  I rolled right out of the house, arrived way too early, rode some on my own, saw two ginormous deer, and then headed to the rendezvous point at the appropriate time.

Looking for my group, I ran into another.  My former boss was among them.  Our groups merged into one unmanageable mass of riders.  Faster Mustache riders/racers that were scheduled to be there as well were absent then, not later.

Ride, stop, text, regroup, ride, answer phone, text, ride, regroup... eventually Kurt and Zac showed up, and The Dude materialized.  The groups split once, then again, and magically came back together at the end of the ride.
A quick ride over to Bike Source to tell the employees what a great ride we were on while they were working and then to the Common Market for some Big Hoppy Monster.  Afterwards, I rolled off into the darkness to meet The Pie for the weekly grocery getting.  As I rolled through the uptown, I stopped and peed in a magical spot I pass almost everyday at work but never knew was there.

Sunday was the annual Short Track trail work day.  I don't know if I've ever missed it.  Even if I'm not planning on racing, I always plan on doing some spectating.  The course is supposed to be "a cross between a criterium, BMX, cyclocross, and singletrack, super fast, and spectator friendly."  I feel it's my duty to help make it a little more "spectator friendly" every year.

Personally, I like to see wheels come off the ground.  Hopefully my efforts bear airborne fruit worth watching.

Another stop at Bike Source before the weekend was out bore fruit as well.  Young Daniel Lenis had some N.O.S. Fuse Locking grips that he did not want, but the Fastest Bike in the World desperately needed.

The Shittiest Grips in the World have been shitcanned.  Sad/happy day indeed.

And then the weekly Faster Mustache team meeting.

Mapping out a first ever kind of event in the Queen City.  Coming in March, the Tour de Charlotte.  Last night as I lay awake, I realized "Tour de" has been over utilized and we shoulda went with "Tour duh."  Too late.  The die is cast.  The fliers are already designed and soon to be festooned with sponsor logos and distributed to the masses.

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