Friday, February 8

Nod your head if you know who Sam Jones is

Today will be a big day for me.  A long time coming.  Exciting to no end.

That's about all I can say.

Until some point in the future when I can say more. When I do get around to saying something, you'll probably think "big deal."

Serendipity has ruled this week.

Much of what you see there is involved in said "serendipity."   Months of anxious nail biting will come to an end, and balance will be restored to my universe.
One of the serendipitous moments happened when I finally decided to address my failing work shoe.

Less than a year out of these Pearlizumi Fuel's.   Sad really.  I've never blown through a shoe so quickly while messengerstrating.

These shoes have caused me pain for some time now.  Not truly stiff enough for pedaling.  I could feel the sole squash around the pedal.   The cleat would push up into my foot while walking.  And those laces... I hate laces.  I'm not much of a "shoe guy."  I either wear cycling shoes, sandals, or nothing.  Laces are for running shoes and running shoes are for running and I am not.

So I stopped at Bike Source on my way home from work Wednesday.  They had nothing in stock to solve my problem, but after a quick perusal of the catalog, an order was placed.

The Elite Touring shoe.  Not my first choice, not even my second.  The description was almost enough to scare me away.

"The ideal shoe for Gran Fondo or indoor cycling..."

Gran Fondo.  Brings to mind Rapha clothing and the glamorization of what is basically what I call a "road ride."  I don't like Rapha or road cycling. Only one good thing comes from Rapha and that's the mockery of Rapha.

mockery from JVA

Road cycling is just road cycling.  Nothing against it.  Perhaps I should hold a Gran Fondo.  It seems as if all the other celebrity cyclists are doing it... and I'll even have the shoes.

 more mockery from JVA

At least my new shoes won't have laces, archaic footwear attachment devices that they are.  Hopefully they won't set off the metal detectors at the courthouse.  That pretty much renders them annoying and me shoeless one to five times a day.

Since I will have my Gran Fondo shoes before the Faster Mustache's Tour de Charlotte, perhaps we should rename it.  Something ironic, in true hipster form. 

Bran Fondue

Gran Dildo

Rapha Wank Fest

Maybe next year.

Anyways, a serendipitous moment occurred while I was trying on shoes.  I got a picture text, a text text, and then a slight chubby.  A rivnut tool was pulled from the toolbox along with two of the six required rivnuts I needed, and out the door I went.  

That's all you get for now. 

Fair warning.  Turn on your safe search BEFORE looking for images of Sam Jones.

Apparently he was in Playgirl.  It's going to be a few days before my vision returns to normal.  FYI: He's not a natural blonde.


Watts said...

Forget it, Ming! Dale's with me!

Matt Aversa said...

i wonder if they use shoe lifts lol

Anonymous said...

Does that flyer read "Tour de Clit"?!?! Count me in!!!