Tuesday, February 5

We're going to need a bigger goat

I know I missed the 2013 Cyclocross Worlds in Lou-uh-ville.

But I didn't.  I mean, I woulda had fun, but I also woulda came home feeling shitty about something.  Worst worlds ever.  Something like that. 

Had I gone, I wouldn't have seen goats next to the trail on Sunday's ride.

I doubt there were goats in Lou-uh-ville.

(not) Speaking of Dirt Rag, issue #168 should be in your mailbox, had you not checked it in the last few days.

There is not actually 50% more Dicky in this issue, but there might be next time.  This go around, I wrote a nice how-to article on getting sponsored.  It's pretty much worthless as far as actually helping you do anything more than take an inspired bowel movement.  Fair warning; I wouldn't read my article with your pants pulled down, being that the image on the facing page may toss you into the throngs of self pleasure.
That's Stevil of All Hail the Black Market fame riding OTB (off the back) .  Serious fap material for the ladies and I guess some gentlemen.  Would I say it's a good ad for the Raleigh Furley?

I did.

There's also an article on that whole Enduro thing (the new fat bike) by non other than Shirtless Club for Men Alumni, Adam Craig.

No subscription? Wait a week or two and go buy one at full, off-the-bookstore-shelf retail.

A couple other things that were brought to my attention.

Sad Butt Drew pointed out that one of my Throwback Thursday images from blogs past ended up on the Internet K-Hole (NSFW)

A site dedicated to images that harken back the old, regrettable days of hair bands, mouse, 70's bush porn, and an MTV that played music.  When you get a chance, lose a day in the K-Hole.

And one more thing...

My pink podium "hat" that I wore at the 6 Hour Duo Coed World Championships...

 was only a hat in that it was worn on my head.

Thanks to Chris Rouisse for pointing it out to me.  I'll be wrapping it up and re-gifting it to a deserving female athlete on the go this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff! I plan on sticking around and getting drunk and arguing about bike parts at all the races now. I can't wait to get my new free bike.

Chip Batson said...

Damn. K-hole is starting off pretty impressive.

Paul Cunningham said...

These go girl things, do you reuse them or throw them out after each use?

Smitchens said...

When does a blogger himself become an industry insider douche bag?

Chris said...

Now I understand why everyone was laughing so hard when I opted for the smaller beer bong.

dicky said...

Industry insider douchebag was a label I "earned."

I consider myself not.

John Parker said...

Mr. Dillen, As far as you "earning" that label, I have met Steve Blick and you sir are no Steve Blick