Thursday, March 28

99% more METAL

This past Tuesday, I did my best to promote Twin Six's 66 minute/36% off sale on the book of faces.  Unfortunately at almost the same moment, their website shit the bed.

I woulda blamed Sideshow Garth Buju Banton Prosser.

They instead chose to pin it all on me.

I felt a small bit of disappoint that they chose to share my pixelated fap material with the world, but fortunately I had Jon Danger around to console me.
Jon knows fap.

The day that there is no beer at The Spoke Easy is the day you'll see a "Back in Five Minutes" sign on the door...

or this strange piece of artwork:

which will leave you standing there confounded for at least five minutes until they return with more beer.

I did feel slightly better after tossing back a few with JD, and even more better after a few more "mystery drafts" at Mac's Speed Shop, but I was even more pleasantly pleased when I finally got home.

My Twin Six METAL kit had arrived.

I immediately put it on and went about my normal evening, but in a more METAL way.


Olaf, how about METAL spinach and eggs?

No one takes care of METAL's messes.  METAL handles METAL business.

Olaf, show them METAL dishes.

What's more METAL than pomegranate toaster pastries for desert?

Even METAL knows personal hygiene.

Olaf, show them METAL hygiene.

Cat furniture assembly is not very METAL no matter what, but my mom's cat has needs too.

How many one dollar bills can be shoved into a pair of METAL bibs?

I guess we'll find out when I go all Magic Mike on the podium at this year's Trans-Sylvania Epic.

On a slightly more serious note, I was delighted to add two more T6 Purist bottles to my collection.

I think everybody is well aware that 91% of all the water bottles out there are made by Specialized.  The older style bottles from the Big S had a tendency to leak at the valve after a year's worth of hard service, which meant lots of icky sticky on your bike frame that would have to be washed off later.  The new Purist bottles have a softer valve which will hopefully be more tolerant to use and abuse.  I've been running one pretty consistently  for about six months with no signs of leakage, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Of course they make them for non-METAL lovers as well.

Twin Six, my love for you is like a rock.

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