Tuesday, March 12

Appetite for Construction

Last week, with little fanfare or celebration, I dropped solidly below 130lbs.  I was and am still not in a dehydrated or starved state that allows me to be at said weight.  I have not abstained from beer or beer-like substances (Miller High Life, Budweiser, and their ilk).  There has not been an over abundance of exercise or an excessive effort to burn calories through metabolic stimulation.

There was a lot of this though...

With The Pie out of town, my foodage was in mine own hands.  I ate a lot of vegetables and protein, and I was hungry more than not.  The end result is that my secondary goal has been achieved, and only my final goal remains.  If and when said unreasonable goal is attained, I will know before you will... but only shortly before.

Thad "The Annoying Marsupial" Hoffman sent me a textorz the other day.

Of course I called him immediately.  He was only cryptic with the information he was willing to share.  I was told to stay near my phone and keep my calendar open for the next few days.  My phone is on vibrate 9-10 hours a day, and I have no calendar to speak of, so this should work out well.  I have my guesses as to who might contact me but not as to why they would bother.  I like surprises, but not so much when I don't expect them.

The third installment of SchwagBox arrived yesterday.


First thing I notice?  Caffeine.  Lots of it.  From 1/2 shot gels to 1 shot Bloks to 2 shot Turbo gel.  I love using/abusing caffeine for a little boost in endurance races, although I've been known to accidentally grab 100% caffeine gels for a race and end up getting all jacked like a tweaker.

For those that argue the value of ShwagBox, that's $10 in nutrition right there.

Zevlin leg shaving cream?  It is true that I shave more of my body than you want to know about.  I'll be saving these for the trip up to BC Bike Race where all my gear has to fit into a predetermined size duffel bag, and space will be a valuable commodity.

The Pro Towels?  I have loads of these already, and I keep a tub of them on my workbench.  I've already mentioned that I'm quite stingy with my supply and have been known to use a towel quite thoroughly before giving it a Viking funeral in my commode.  I do keep the single use towels in my hydration packs and my messenger bag for unexpected cleanups and crime scene sanitizing.

Maybe Thad's "associates" will call me today and "fill my calandar" giving me something to blahg about Thursday.  If not, my Carver may be built by then and we'll go there.

If neither occurrence occurs, I will go all Waltworks on you and share a recipe.


dougyfresh said...


not to be confused with


Rob said...

I always eat worse when the Boss/CFO is out of town, bravo for your efforts. Built the misf-carver ti up. I need mediocre bike pr0n!

Anonymous said...

" beer-like substances (Miller High Life, Budweiser, and their ilk)." Ha!