Friday, March 1

Marching Four Words


I'm going in with a good attitude.  Not just because Beer-Free February is over.  That was over just seven days into the month.  I was out to eat with the family discussing the upcoming weeks and many festivities to come.  Festivities that would be less than festive without a beer.  The Pie, in her very polite way of saying so, told me to "not be a dick."

So I had a beer.

I can not entirely blame beer consumption for not hitting my 28 day weight loss goal.  There were plenty of other bad decisions along the way.  Fortunately, there were more good decisions than bad.  Also with my family being out of town next week, supper options will be on me for six days straight.  I should be back on track by next weekend.

And because I have no better image to post before the break, you get this:

Tonight, as long as the non-rev flight pans out, I should be in Cleveland visiting The Boy.  Now freshly 21 years of age, we shall legally share some or more beers.  Being that it is Cleveland, I'm sure his apartment is walking distance to at least 15-20 "establishments," or as they call them up there in the Great Gray North, "night churches." If all goes as planned, we will be at Ray's Indoor Bike Park on the morrow.  Apparently tomorrow is a "big deal."
They must not have known I was coming.  Pretty sure I woulda been the headliner.

Sorry, not a lot of time to create a banner for something the won't have a chance to see the light of day on a bigger stage.

I haven't been to Ray's since the winter of 2004.   I'm pretty sure I was the first person to ever race at La Ruta de los Conquistadores on a single speed and ride at Ray's on the same single speed within a given calendar year.

There's probably a plaque on the wall.

Knowing that they really don't have a clue as to who "da fuq" I am, I just had to...

Sunday I fly home to an empty house.  I have things to keep me busy , prolly not enough to have a complete something-something in time for next week's Tour duh Charlotte.

 So Cleveland,  Ray's, a week's worth of La Vida Bachelor, the Tour duh Charlotte... should be good.


Anonymous said...

My wife likes me better too when I'm not stressing about "being good" when life's going so good. Remember, it's about having fun first!
Mike B

Anonymous said...

Take The Boy to the Happy Dog for a hot dog, tater tots, and polka happy hour!

Anonymous said...

That pic is a dick with sunglasses. Pubic scruff on the chin. Industry insider douche bag hoodie with attitude. Nice!