Friday, April 5

The Shit Show

Yesterday was just a shitty day at work.  Not the shittiest ever, and not the shittiest I'll ever see in the future, but truly shitty.  I guess it's the timing.  Rolling home in the rain with frozen fingers and toes past blossoming trees was some kinda of cruel joke.  I'm over this whole winter thing.  Bring on the Code Red ozone days of summer... so I can bitch about those.

I was pleased to get the extreme weather outta here yesterday.  Plenty of time today for the trails up in North Wilkesboro to dry out for this weekend's 5th annual 6 Hours of Warrior Creek.  That first lap might me a little snotty.  Such a shame... wanted to break out the new METAL kit early.

Yeah, I should be rockin' my Faster Mustache kit, but as things worked out, or didn't, we don't have them yet.  Sucks.  I was gonna make this look good.

But alas, the rolling billboard will have to wait until some other time.

Am I ready for the "season?"

Physically, no.  I'm close to where I wanted to be weight-wise, but not there yet.  I only started adding small chunks of time to my morning commute last week.  This is all sorta the plan anyways... race my way into some fitness by the end of May, just in time to survive yet another Trans-Sylvania Epic.

Mentally, I am super donkey prepared.  "Racing" gives my life some sort of focus.  My thoughts that are terribly scattered most of the time finally get the slightest amount of focus.  The voices in my head are still there, but at least they start talking in the same language.  I have the essence of something similar to goals, boxes to check off, and a vague feeling of getting somewhere.

Life just can't be about manicuring a lawn and waxing your car.  I don't have a career with an upward trajectory, nor do I want one. Racing, writing, making people laugh, getting out of the house, drinking beer, riding bikes, coming home to my supportive family... these are the things that make waking up everyday worthwhile...

that and cutting geometrically satisfying produce and tofu blocks, unloading the dishwasher like I'm on STRAVA, hacking the sleeves off perfectly good jerseys...

Some would say I have "problems" or "issues."

I call them "qualities" and "skewed personality traits."

Potato, tomato.

I mailed out a ton of the Faster Mustache stickers in the past coupla weeks.

We, the team known as Faster Mustache, appreciate your support.  I still have some left, and I'll have them on me this weekend.  Find me in the Bike Source pit area at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek if you want some.  They're still 8 for $4, but since I get to deal with you face to face, I'll let them go in smaller quantities... like 4 for $2.  Don't expect me to have change, and I won't expect you to say thanks.

Let's get this shit show on the road.


Anonymous said...

I like the sticker pricing. It's like buying another paper product years ago...5 each, 4 for 20, 6 for 25, 10 for 30... wait, what was I talking about...

I think I'll stay anonymous this time.

Greg said...

2 paragraphs from Mentally describe my life.. cept the writing parts.. Good stuff.

Keep on keeping on.