Friday, April 12

UCI, Defecation, and Racing in the Peezguh

Three days of Warrior Creek related posts, and the world passes me by.  I planned on doing a lengthy blog post regarding the UCI Rule 1.2.019, but apparently the issue has been resolved already... until 2014 when the shit could potentially hit the fan once more.  I felt pretty strongly about it, from the sides of the promoters, athletes, and sponsors.  It would not have directly affected me, but I felt there woulda been wave upon wave of collateral damage.

I hate that I missed such timely blog fodder and the potential to complain about something.  It's been discussed ad nauseam all over the place by now, but I must insist that if you give any of this mess your quality free time, head over to Mountain Bike Radio and listen to this eye opening program.  You'll hear some figures get thrown around that might surprise you.

More important stuff I can talk about?

Most of you have seen the instructions on how to pee on a bike from Ritte Van VlaanderenPeter at Misfit Psycles, never one to miss an opportunity to use bodily functions to market his bicycles, gives you these detailed instructions on how to shit on a bike.

I recently added the Pisgah Enduro to my 2013 "season."  This is significant in many ways.
* Pat McQuaid doesn't even know about it... yet.

* Out of 13 races I currently have "scheduled," six of them are put on by Pisgah Productions.

* This is the only non-endurance event I'm doing (as of yet).

* I signed up for the expert class.

This last one is only semi-important.  One can only register as an expert, sport, or beginner.  I am none of those.  This will be my first "enduro," but I think it's safe to say that I am no beginner.  I am not a sport class racer... I don't think.  It seems as if I'd be going up against fellow sandbaggers for the King of the Pisgah Sandbaggers Cup.  So expert it is...

More down than up?  Impossibru?  I think not.

Hopefully Thomson won't push back their drooper release date again.  It will be a key piece of equipment.

The Elite Drooper was supposed to be available on April 1st (not a joke).  Well now it isn't (still not a joke).  This is the drooper that I want more than any other.  When do I want it by?  At the very latest, May 17th.  When are they saying it will be available?  I can't find the date in this Bike Rumor article now, but I swear they are now saying mid-May.

Hrrmmm.  That is tight.  Like "if I can't have a Thomson drooper by then, I won't have a drooper at all" tight.

Anyways, I'm signed up for the Pisgah Enduro.  Not so much racing as I am just having a new experience.  I expect to get my ass handed to me on several levels.

I'll be on a hardtail.

I'll be on a single speed.

I'll be up against riders with "talent" and "skills."

I should be at the ultimate race weight, which means I'll even get out-fatted on the sorta mellow Jarrett Creek Road section.

I'll be worried about getting hurt two weeks before leaving for the BC Bike Race.

So yeah, there's all that.

But I'm in anyways.

And for those of you with their heads still lodged firmly in thine own ass, Pisgah Productions has finally updated their website.  Photos, results, and what's this?  Links to useful information?  Holy shit.

If you're wanting a piece of the Pisgah pie, you best get your slice reserved.  Some of the events are sold out already.  Most, if not all, will eventually.

Sign up sooner rather than later or not at all.

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