Thursday, June 20

Stacking Disappoints

I bring the bad news today, save the good news for tomorrow.

I'll intersperse said bad news with random images from the Trans-Sylvania Epic and the Pisgah Enduro.

Now on with it.

photo cred: Cathie Docherty

A familiar site outside the Eagle Lodge.

In one week, I'll be on a plane headed to BC Bike Race.  I was to be tenting with former Dirt Rag editor, now Bike Radar technical writer, and extreme cat lover, Josh Patterson.

But alas, he informed me last week that he will no longer be able to make it.  He has to be at some press camp thing for a major bike manufacturer.  The unfortunate life of the true industry insider elitist douchebag.  I bet Durango will suck in July.  Eat a bag of dicks and all that.

photo cred: Cathie Docherty

So I realized that for the first time in a long time, I'll be headed to a stage race as a lone wolf.  No plans to be all friends and stuff with anyone.  Haven't done that since the 2005 Trans Rockies when I didn't even know my team mate.  I did check the roster, and apparently there are some North Carolina folks headed that way.  Blue Ridge Adventures' (promoters of races like ORAMM, Swank, and the Pisgah Stage Race) very own head honcho Todd Branham will be teaming up with Pisgah regular Patrick McMahon.  Also, I Facebefriended another NC rider, Colin Izzard, who may or may not make it up there as he is taking certain risks in order to avoid the costly airfare to Vancouver.

I would imagine I might know some people when I get up there.  According to Mario C, who used to blog just like every endurance mountain biker did back in 2006, I should be able to find some connection in Tent City.

"There's only six degrees of separation between any cyclist (in US or Canada) and Teamdicky."

And that was back in 2006, before I was even internet famous.

So yes, yes.  Poor me.  I have to go to BC Bike Race all alone.  Sounds like a serious affluent Anglo American problem.
photo cred: Nik Fedele

I see you....

seeing me.

My other disappoint?  Way back when I was planning the 2013 "Season," I saw that the early Pisgah Production races would ramp me up nicely for the TSE which would put me in a good place for the BC Bike Race which would then have me pretty fit for something at the end of July.


This could be my shot at breaking five hours and thirty minutes.  So I convinced myself to get my weight down to where it could be if I tried. 

And I did.  It was all systems go, and heading into the TSE, I was feeling way more fit than I have in years... perhaps ever.

photo cred: Nik Fedele

I did take a course in Urban Gun Handling while attending Youngstown State University.  Born to kill, trained to do it with style.

Then the promoter announced a course change for ORAMM.  I'm not sure if it had something to do with a small landslide up on the paved path to Kitsuma or what.  Doesn't matter.  The sub-5:30 goal went out the window.

I returned from TSE a bit on the heavy side.  Normal post stage race swelling.  Then I continued to eat like I was at a stage race... for a week... then two.  Without my ORAMM goal hanging over my head, I lost a certain amount of motivation.  I saw a weight that was easily ten pounds heavier than I saw a month ago.

Swing much?

There's an upside, but I'm saving all the good news for tomorrow.


Andrea said...

You have to go to a race alone? Welcome to my life. It's actually pretty peaceful when you're making the trip, and it gets you to make a handful or two of new friends once you're there. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

get your sponsors to pay for my airfare and hotel and I'll gladly go with you. I'm gonna ride whistler the whole time though.

Jason said...

I love that bike MFGs pay for press camps to show off their bikes. No wonder there are never any bad bike reviews and that MFGs don't have the budget to be a bigger part of U.S. MTB racing and/or be part of mags that don't give those reviews (clears throat loudly). More Anglo American problems? Yeah.

Enjoy the race alone, beats not being there alone.

Anonymous said...

You gained 10lbs? That's like a normal size person growing an extra leg

Anonymous said...

It's not like you would make for good company anyways. Who wants to make a trip just to watch your over weight ass constantly stuff your face?! Fatty!

Dr Colin said...

You have to bring the acid wash jeggings! There will be a few single speeders this year, one who even builds his own bikes.

I remember you from year 1...