Monday, June 3

Trans-Sylvania Epic Delay

Got back yesterday.

Managed to down-gear entirely, eat, shower, and reconnect with the family before passing out face first on the couch.  Like any return from a good stage race, I'm wasted and completely blown.

Instead of putting out a half-assed effort and sitting here spouting off about the first part of the race using 50% more bad grammar, poor sentence structure, and misstrucken keys, I'll save it for tomorrow.

I can say that I did a much better job of evening out the beer to rock ratio than ever before at the TSE.

Never before have I done this without taking notes throughout the week... a bit of an experiment.

We'll see if my memories are this fuzzy.

photo cred: Stan's No Tubes ~ Rich Straub

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AdamB said...

Yay, Dicky's back! Sort of...