Tuesday, July 23

2013 ORAMM Preamble

Let's say ORAMM race prep started on Thursday, July 18th.  It woulda started earlier, assuming that when decided I was going to avoid beer the week before the race, I actually woulda done it.

That day, I realized I shoulda went to some lengths to procure a Twin Six Standard jersey earlier this year.

I didn't bother as I shoulda been racing this season in my Faster Mustache jersey which never showed up due to issues at the distributor.  Being able to wear whatever I want, I desired the most breathable, lightweight thing out there... instead of the belly t-shirt I wore two years ago or the cotton sleeveless cowboy shirt I donned for last year's race.

Brent from Twin Six saw my FB post.  My hero.  A text, a response, a few more back and forths...and I would have one on Saturday.  Sweet.

I woke up Friday to a day off work.  The Pie and I were going hiking up in Wilson's Creek.  I checked the status of my package from Twin Six, and it was already in Charlotte, less than a mile from my house.  A phone call was made, and I could go pick it up.  Watch the end of the Tour de France stage, lollygag about the house, stop at Fed Ex, and we were on our way to the mountains.

We just avoided a huge storm system, but we did not avoid a school bus full of campers gathering in the parking lot to hike to the same scenic location... so much for a weekday private hike.  They took Upper Falls, we went Lower Falls, we beat them to the pristine location, and about a half hour later, we were watching children bounce down the rocks in a manner that would make their parents cringe.

The Pie and I finished our hike, ate Mexican, went home, and I got to work de-sleeving my new Standard.
Throughout the day, I was texting back and forth with former Cane Creek dick handler, Eric Smith.  He was offering up a bed just 35 minutes from ORAMM.  I thought about it, leaned one way, then the other, then back again.  Options... I'm not so good with them.  Stick to the plan.

I went to bed at a reasonable hour.  I wanted to keep my weekday schedule so it wouldn't be so hard to get up at 4:50AM on Sunday to drive to ORAMM.  That night, we slept with the foster kitty.  She had been slow to warm up to me, but that night she had decided I was a great companion and litter mate.

So on her last night in the house before going back to the Humane Society, she slept on my head.

And by "slept," I mean she spent the night purring in my ear, swatting my head, beating me continually with a small, fuzzy toy, and waking me up throughout the night.  I slept like shit.

The next morning, The Pie headed out to retrieve Fajita from summer camp.  She allowed me to stay home so I could pace about the house and perhaps go for a ride.  I watched the Tour, piddled, and finally got out the door headed to the Back Yard Trails around 11:00AM.  It was muggy, I was alone, the trails were slick, and I was riding the Meat Carver which was set up in mountain mode. The ride did not last long.  When I got back to the car, The Pie had just texted me.  She and Fajita were home, both of them tired out, and going down for a nap.  I also had a text from fellow Mustache, Nik.  He had a cabin and an open bed less than 15 minutes from the ORAMM start.


Instead of going home and waking everyone up, I stopped at Total Wine and picked up a twelve pack.  Best to put myself in a condition that would keep me from driving to either open bed option and stick with my original plan.

So home, beer, lunch, and then a phone call from the Humane Society.

The kitten that had slept on my head had ringworm.

The Pie was prepared. She handed me the appropriate shampoo for just such an occasion, I grabbed a beer, and hopped in the shower.  I was exhausted well before supper time.  I fought to stay awake until 8:50PM and then went to bed. I slept like a rock star... except for the being covered in naked women, urine, and vomit part.


I'm at a 24 hour race.  I just got off the bike from my last lap and had put on a pair of Carhart pants I don't own.  A teammate tells me that I need to go back out, and then another rider comes in.  I'm panicking.  Where's my bike?  Where are my shoes?  What am I doing here?


The alarm goes off.  I wake up and instantly realize that it's time for ORAMM.  I wonder how I'm going to go out for my lap and still make the start in Old Fort... until I'm able to separate my dream world from reality.  Pee, pour the coffee into travel mugs, take my shit out to the car, mount the bike on the Raxter, and I'm rolling out the driveway at 4:57AM.

Four Pop Tarts, one mug of coffee, 14oz of Gu Brew, and one serving of Viva Raw Beet Boost later, I'm in the parking lot in Old Fort.

I'll get to the whole "making great bike race" thing tomorrow.

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Jon Danger said...

Naked women, vomit, and urine? Sounds a lot like my weekend too.