Thursday, August 29

Better than the arrival of the new phone books

I was going to write about something awfully boring today. More or less, just a checklist of stupidity for my own benefit.  Another time maybe.

Newer news has come my way.  I had previously mentioned an industry insider douchebag'esque opportunity coming my way.  It's getting close enough now to make it public, although no plan is yet set in stone.

You know how Stevil keeps getting invited to all these bike cycle related events to do little more than drink, hang out, and maybe even ride a little bit?

"Hello, Stevil?"

"Ummmmmm... yes?"

"How would you like to fly out to (awesome location) for the (awesome event) to hang out with (awesome individuals)?  Maybe some bowling?  Beers on us.  By the way, we have little to no expectations as to what you will do while you are here."

"Why me... I mean sure, let me shove some stickers in my purse and I'll be at the airport in five."

Living the dream, some would call it.  Others, surfing the cosmic wave.  Attractive from the outside, meat grinder madness from within.  Shaving years off the average human lifespan, this industry insider douchebag lifestyle.

And so it comes to be that in two weeks, I will be taking off from CLT headed to DIA with a final destination of Steamboat Springs for the (inaugural) Steamboat Media Bike trip.

"Why me?"
Unlike a truly honed cosmic wave surfer, I shared my doubts as to whether or not I should be considered.  I pushed, they pushed back.

I went to The Pie for consultation.

"Remember how I asked you to hold down the fort while I pursued a once in a lifetime chance to cover the BC Bike Race for Dirt Rag and you gave me the go ahead, even though I was already going to the Trans-Sylvania Epic AND the Breck Epic this year?  Who woulda thought that I'd get two chances of a lifetime in one calendar year?"

Fortunately, she's been dealing with my "once in a lifetimes" for years now.

"Don't bring back anything contagious."

And like that, I accepted the opportunity.

What am I going to do all day?

First off, Steamboat has a bike park.

So for at least one day, I only ride park.

Once I've had my opportunity to embarrass myself all over the slopes, only then will I venture out into the trails surrounding Steamboat looking to hide in the aspens away from all those who saw me stall at the top of every drop, jump, and wall ride.

There's a lot more to do in Steamboat, but I've got days and weeks to talk about that.

I'll also try to swing by the MOOTS Factory while I'm in town.

I've made it public knowledge that I'm going to get back on titanium in 2014.  It is also public knowledge that MOOTS makes bike cycles out of titanium.  I've already had the experience of a MOOTS Factory Tour back in 2009, but this time I'm gonna wear a giant Ortlieb roll-top messenger bag and see if I can fit an entire frame inside of it when no one is looking.

Also in Steamboat?   Kent Eriksen.

OG founder of MOOTS and now "the man" at Eriksen titanium bike cycles, a person of interest that I have met before at the Breck Epic 2011... I think.  I was too busy eating his dust all week, so my memory is a little blurry.

One more thing before I stop blathering (for today) about this trip...

I'll be hanging with none other than Girl Bike Love's very own Sarai Snyder.

Assuming for at least one day, she'll only ride park... assuming she doesn't ask me to go for a "road ride" in return.  Either way, it's nice to know someone will have my back if I get into a bar fight or some other over-my-head situation of a wild west nature.

A bike cycle vacation, no racing whatsoever.  Refreshing.  I rarely do these kinda things.  Coffee, breakfast, ride, lunch, beer, ride, supper, beer, sleep... in Steamboat Springs for four days.

Or until I get arrested for the theft of a very nice titanium frame.

Pumped to be stoked to be shitting my pants.


Chris said...

When you've used up all the gnar:

Peter Keiller said...

You've changed.

dicky said...

Since when is that a change?

dicky said...

I believe Peter and I saw that summer ski jump thing in 2009... an excuse for locals to stand around, look up the hill, and drink.

John Parker said...

You could allways see if you can have a ti frame made for you in honor of the NAHBS coming to Charlotte (insert name of choice here for this special bike) and that would make your transformation to an industry insider douchebag complete.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Carver?

dicky said...

I still have the Carver. It just doesn't fit the bill of Free-Ride Endurance Racer Rigid Single Speed Enduro™ Bike.

Anonymous said...

Which of those words do you feel it comes up short in meeting? I'm considering a 420 for next season.

dicky said...

The lack of a second cage is certainly a problem. A lower top tube and geometry better suited for a rigid crabon would also be groovy. That said, it's an absolute blast with a 140mm fork and a Thomson Drooper post.

Anonymous said...

You should get a Ti moots fat bike. With chainsaw holder....:)