Thursday, September 26


The other night, The Pie was asking me about goals.  I said I have none.  She sad I should have some.

So I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and acquired my first goal.

It's very nice, but she was quite disappoint.

I've never been one to have goals for the most part.  Perhaps my last one would have been to graduate college, but that was more of an absolute certainty.  Eventually I was going to meet the requirements for my degree and have to decide if I wanted to don my cap and mortar or just keep going to the occasional class and then to Pogo's Pub every night.

If I could go back in time and make my goals, that would be easy to do:

Be a father and a husband

Be a bike messenger

Be a 24 Hour Solo Single Speed World Champion

Ride my mountain bike all over the place

Contribute to a nifty mountain bike magazine

Write a feature article for said nifty mountain bike magazine

These are things I may not have thought were on my horizon at one point, but are pretty nifty achievements that had I the foresight, I woulda called them "goals" for sure.

Yeah, an actual feature article written by yours truly with pictorial support that wasn't a hurried image snapped in the backyard by The Pie.

I'm stoked on several levels.  Firstly, that I had the restraint to not ruin the story by blurting out the details on my blog.  That was difficult, and will remain so.  I would love to get all sharesies, but you gotta pay to play on this one.
Another ego stroker?  I got 2,000+ words published.  A long time ago, I wrote many, many words about my 2004 La Ruta de los Conquistadores experience.  People said I should submit it to Dirt Rag.  I did.  The then editor told me, "Too long."

I made it shorter.

"Still too long.  Here's a Dirt Rag jacket.  Nice try."

So just like that, I assumed I would never bother trying to write for anybody but me again.  This would have been back when people shared stories on and not just spewed hate regarding wheels sizes they have never tried, a full year before I began a blog, stopped telling stories on, and started spewing hate regarding wheel sizes I had never tried.

And with this recent development, I have given a lot of thought as to how long I will continue to write "Wazupwidis?"  Issues #146 through the current #173 and one coming up in #174... twenty nine columns and one feature.  A much longer run than ever imagined, and one that I'm happy with.  It's not that I've run outta words.  On the contrary, I think of them everyday.  It's just that sometimes... I think of the end game.  I don't want to sadly halt the whole thing like I did my 24 hour racing stint, stopping at 9:00PM, having had enough of this kinda shit for shit's sake.*

I just don't wanna go down like that.  I've achieved my hindsight goals, and I just wonder if it's time to have some new ones...

Like being the first guy to be attacked by a house cat at the World Time Trial Championships.

Doh, too late...

*Back when people actually left comments on blogs.


Anonymous said...

Keep living the dream you douchebag industry insider. We like living vicariously through the mag and the blog.

Keep it up.

Jason said...

Nice going. I wish more folks were like you... well at least the part about wanting to write about their cycling adventures (some of your other "qualities" are best left to you alone). It would have made my job better. Keep it up.

AdamB said...

Hey, you don't stop writing for D.R. until I chat with Karen about the note written on my wrist with a Sharpie. Sheesh man, your just hitting your literary stride. You must have a bigger fish to fry then?

AdamB said...

Crap. I misspelled "you're" in the same sentence I wrote "literary."

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves anonymous comments.

John Parker said...

You are in your 40's so your new goals should (could) be:

don't die yet and keep riding, writing, husbanding, fathering, working, racing and enjoying untill you do.

oh and what about the Tour Divide?

dicky said...

I've heard of it.

You're right. I should make it a goal to watch Ride the Divide again.

dougyfresh said...

No DirtRag in South Florida. WTF! Found Mountain Flyer with Dejay on the cover but no damn Dirt Rag. Whatsupwitdis?

Now I have to wait until I get back home in CT to pick up your Dirtrag copy. Meh...