Wednesday, September 11

Off to Steamboat

Sorry about the very dated Schneider reference yesterday.

I realized that the younger readers amongst you might not get it.  Schneider was the superintendent of the apartment building where Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife lived back when she looked like this:

and before Eddie looked like this:

but now he looks like this:

So aside from the frosted tips and hair gel, all is right with the world... except Micheal Anthony is still not in the band and this song will never go away no matter how hard we wish it to not be.

Pandora doesn't understand that when I ask for Van Halen, I don't mean this Van Halen, and when I ask for Motley Crüe, I don't want any metal ballads... ever.

So yeah, I'm off to Steamboat, Colorado tomorrow...

Looks like fun and all.

I don't consider myself much of a climber or a tuber, but I do like drinking and floating.  Since I'll only be there for 2.5 days, I'm gonna stick to mostly riding followed by eating, drinking, and sleeping.  I am 98% sure I secured this choice ride for two days of the trip.

mine will have pedals

The 650b Moots Rogue.  My first real experience with the not so tweener wheel size.  This means I'm only like six months away from becoming an Enduro™ racer like the ASS.

As always, a vacation means a blog hiatus, live in the moment and all.  I might be facially booking and tweeting, but nothing more than that.  I'll save the good stuff for my return, which will likely be Tuesday if not Wednesday before I recover from this short but intensive itinerary.

I will make the most of this wonderful trip which perhaps has been undeservingly bestowed unponst me. That's not saying that if the hot springs are not quite hot enough, I might have to mention that.  I do have some elevated standards for my Colorado Man Stew experience ever since the 2012 Breck Epic.


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It's just my opinion, but I like the Jack Kerouac free association style of today's post. A little window into dicky's brain...

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