Friday, October 4

Avoiding great customer service

So yesterday afternoon, things were kinda slow at work.  Facebook and whatnot consuming the wasted hours of the day.  Two more friends falling victim to CBPS (Crank Brothers Pedal Syndrome).  Sad really. 

What could I do to help them?

Rewrite the Eggbeater service manual in a manner that will cure their ills for all time.

I am limited in terms of my computer toolbox at work.  MS Paint and Google Docs... little else thanks to the Windows 97 operating system.  Yet I managed to squeeze this out in less than ten minutes and share it with my Faceworld, and then...

Eighty six shares as of this AM.  Of course, as always, there were some defenders of the infamous fragile pedals.

Crank Brothers fan bois... always with the "great customer service" line.  At least Eddie O'dea uses a different, more original approach:

"Pedaling... you're all doing it wrong."

To be fair, Eddie has logged some serious mileage this year on ONE SET of CB pedals... Trans Georgie, The Stagecoach 400, his daily paper route.

Still, I gotta think stereotypes evolve for reasons.

The Irish drink and fight, fat people wear bigger clothes, Crank Brothers pedals fail, and Republicans are here solely for our entertainment.*

The big story today is that registration is now open for the Back Yard Experience.
Experience.  It's the last to be abused "E" word in bicycle racing.  Obviously Epic and Enduro™ have been worn out like a set of 1990 Shimano M737 pedals.

Still workable, but let's give them all a break, shall we?

Yet another event put on by the fine folks of Faster Mustache: Charlotte.  There will be bikes, beer, a great course that is sure to break at least one set of Crank Brothers pedals (don't worry, they'll be warrantied), and fun for the whole family (assuming you don't have children but you do have very understanding spouses).

Registration numbers are limited in order to assure good times for all, so get in ASAP or risk not getting in at all.

*I'm not necessarily a Democrat, but I am getting great pleasure hearing the spew that is coming out of the mouths of the most vocal Republicans lately.  Gold.  Pure comedic gold.  Pretty much doing Jon Stewart's job for him.  As much as this Shutdown (Slimdown for you FOX News viewers) wasn't affecting me before, it has now hit a soft spot.  The W Kerr Scott Lake Trails will be shutting down on October 11th if this madness continues according to this thread on MTBR.  I queried as to whether or not this would affect the Wilkes 100k later this month.

"The race promoters remain optimistic that our elected officials will remove their collective heads from their collective anuses and get something worked out and get back to work creating the next crisis and a great race will be had by all."

Now I see why everyone hates Obamacare.  If races keep getting canceled just so people can have healthcare...



john parker said...

Way back when AMP had a great (or just big) customer service dept, must be a Laguna Beach thing.....

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who doggedly aligns themselves with either party is pretty weak minded. Neither party "imo" are trying to do what is best for OUR country/citizens. They haven't for a very long time.

Again "imo" this Obamacare mess really does suck! My family's insurance premiums are already going up because of it. That nice tax credit that we received when we bought our home will pretty much be taken back if we ever sell our home. Go and sell your home. A percentage of your profits will be TAKEN from you and your family to go directly into the Obamacare fund.

I haven't always had health insurance. I've worked a bunch of REALLY shitty jobs in my lifetime that did not provide benefits or good pay. I guess I could have stayed on that path but instead I let them inspire me to go further. I went back to school and now have a good paying job that provides good benefits. I never held my hand out asking for someone else to pay/pave the way for me.

I'll be honest and say that I'm not 100% up to date on this whole shutdown thing but if there is a way to kill Obamacare I'm all for it. Even though our race this coming Sunday has effectively been cancelled.

Oh, and that instructional cornering video nearly got me killed yesterday! :( It's 3 & 6 O'clock for me.

Anonymous said...

Pst. Ixnay on the AMPway. Some old scars never really heal around here.

ryanmgotch said...

Thanks for that service manual upgrade. I did just that this year after a foggy history of constant rebuilds since the first egg beater was released.

Chris said...

Dear anonymous,

Thanks for the explanation of tax credits and the ACA. It was as clear, accurate and elucidating as your suggestion that we ride with pedals at 3 and 6 o'clock.

Anonymous said...

Sharing other people's hastily constructed user manuals is the new commenting on blogs.