Monday, October 21

Fat and lazy time... soon

I did not get magically healthy Friday night, and as such, I did not sign up for Saturday morning's cyclocross race.  I woke up with a head full of mess, got dressed, did an experimental (for next weekend) cooler/beer pack job in a roll top Ortlieb, and headed out the door.  At the park, locate the Bike Source tent, commence with the spectating/bell ringing/yelling/swilling.

Much racing happened.  I saw some of it.  Faster Mustache represented well.  I could not stick around all day, as I had other commitments.  I loaded up, said my goodbyes, and brought my special delivery home.

Let the stupidity commence.

The Pie was away when I got home, getting ready for the Ties and Tails Gala for the Humane Society of Charlotte.   Gordon Sizemore fans will be pleased to know he was the guest of honor Saturday night.

He made the rounds.  People wanted their photos taken with the little man.  He happily acquiesced their requests.  So proud of the my growing "baby" boy.

I stayed home with Nia, napped, fought the temptation to play with the new wheelzors, went to bed early, coughed, woke up to The Pie coming home after midnight running the Dustbuster.... who does that?  My wife.

Up Sunday early again.  Out the door for a Pisgah leaf peeper seasonal trail ride.  Jerry, Todd, Zac, Eric, The Pony, and Mike "Say my full name" Brown.... who got to enjoy his biggest wreck of 2013 on Butter Gap that day.

photo cred: Eric Wever
Without going through all the boring details of a happy group ride in Pisgah, I'll just say that these are my favorite rides.   Ride, talk, ride, chat, ride, schralp, ride, talk... I love the off "season".
photo cred: Eric Wever
Time to get fat and lazy...

Well, right after the Wilkes 100k this weekend.


John Parker said...

Nice when you get an itch.

side bar on Maxxis and it's sizing how can thouse be 2.25's? I put some "2.1" crossmarks on my 650b project they were a 1/3 smaller in width and volume than thier Ardents?

dicky said...

Dunno. These is 2.25 Ardents.


Rob said...

Jealous of the rides in Pisgah this time of year.

Stephen Bennett said...

650b > 650a

Get some man tires already.

dougyfresh said...

tweener wheels are backwards. rear wheel goes on the right to be consistent with its 'big boned' cousin in the background.

Anonymous said...

Lol, sellout.

Mr. Lu Kim said...

Kid, cover your ears...



Chris said...

Orange is the new pink.

But why no pic of your party dress?