Thursday, October 10

Out on a limbo

Sorta lost in my mind right now.

New ti frame project causing my head to spin.  Geometry, wheel size, builders... topic for another day assuming some focus is brought into the picture.  Unlikely.

Yes, wheel size.  It's worth looking at.

This is more the cause for my current concern though:

The Wilkes 100K should be just sixteen days from now.  This was to be more than just a race for me.  The lead up to the event was going to be my excuse to stay sorta fit'esque for another month AND get my weight back down under 130lbs before I spend the rest of the off-"season" going full Ullrich.

Being the pessimist that I am... or at least tend to be when I have too much time to think, I want to remain hopeful but have little to no faith in human kind.

Before I get into my "vague politics" (as Peter refers to them), let's get back on topic.

They can take our government, but they can't take our freedom... oh yeah, they can take that away too, but they can't take away the Back Yard Experience.

Regardless (or irregardless for those that like to toss that non-word about) of what they do on Capitol Hill, the Back Yard Experience is happening.   As of today, there are eleven people registered.  That means that either many folks are holding on to their $20 bills a little too tightly, worried that the market will collapse in seven days, or perhaps they want to see if the weather will affect their lives.  If that's the case, eleven people (and a handful of Faster Mustache volunteers) are going to have a lot of Terrapin Recreation Ale to contend with.
If it were me, I wouldn't wait.  We have limited the numbers in order to assure a good time (and plenty of beer).  Get in the boat now.

Between now and then, there's this:

The cross race that's been happening yearly for awhile now less than four miles from my house... which I've never done.  I don't know if this year will be any different.  I've abstained from USAC events all year, and I'm not sure I want to cross the picket lines yet.

But then again, it would be fun.

But then again, it costs more than three 12 packs of Sierra Nevada to enter.

$25 entry fee ($35 day of)
$10 one day license fee
$5 number plate fee

Those amongst the know in the cyclocross world would be quick to point out that for only $5 more I could race in two events... Cat 5 and single speed, if I wanted to, for a total of one hour's worth of racing.  $40-45 for two half hour races... one being Cat 5 (which could be considered sandbagging... mebbe).  Damn it.  I'm not saying I'm tight on funds, but for that kind of money, I coulda bought a third bell.

But I encourage you to come so I can stand around, drink beer at an hour that would be deemed socially irresponsible if I weren't standing in a public park watching grown men in tight clothes ride through a sand pit, and cheer you on to glory (or near death).


Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of reading this while sitting through a finance lecture at Wharton. coffee came out my nose at the sight of the perspective third bell image. you write good word, Dicky.

eastwood said...

I'll drink the beer. Both at BYT and Veteran's.

Jon Danger said...

Fuck USAC, let's get day drunk.