Friday, January 3

Almost caught up, when...

In the interest of talking more about me and less about other things, I find the need to get this outta the way pretty quickly. USA Cycling recently announced some rule changes for 2014.  This one makes my head hurt a little:

"... Mountain Bike: 3, 2, 1 and Pro. A MTB rider with a Pro category must hold an international license.

In addition to the numerical categories above, Road, Track, and MTB also have the category of Professional

... A professional rider in MTB is one who is a current member of a UCI MTB team or who has earned that category via other USA Cycling procedures."

To me, this looks like their solution to the "forbidden races" conundrum.  There is now a slightly more defined line between the Pro designation on your (not mine) license and being an actual "Professional."  They also tweeted this at some point yesterday:

The other thing that made my eye twitch?

"One-Day Licenses: The definition of a one-day license was tightened to make it clear that the license may only be purchased by someone who holds the lowest category for the discipline of the race. No rider who has previously held a higher category can purchase a one-day license. In other words, it is a beginner, trial license."

That was posted on their announcement, but in the rule book, it says this:

"(c) ... One-day beginner licenses may only be purchased by the lowest category of racer for that discipline; i.e., category 5 men for road, track, and cyclo-cross, category 4 women for road, track and cyclo-cross, and category 2 or 3 for MTB.... No rider may purchase a one-day beginner license if he or she ever held an annual license with a category higher than any of the aforementioned."

So you can or can't be a Cat 2 and get a one day?  And this... $10 for the one day in MTB, up from $5 last year.

They're going to lose the curious dabblers.  I don't get it and don't really care, I guess.  Not like I'm planning on doing any USA Cycling sanctioned events anyways.  Even our local promoter, who has stuck with USAC for years, has broke away from them for his Winter Short Track Series and plans to with his endurance races this summer (which I avoided this past year since they were USAC sanctioned).

Now, to me.

Things I missed on the hiatus.

I did find poison ivy on my winky on Christmas Eve.  Blame Tour duh Charlotte trail work and a moment of urination I did not put enough thought into.

There was also another day of trail work in preparation for the big event.  I broke out the last pair of jeans I ever paid money for (1995) and my "boots" that I bought sometime around the year 2000.

First the front came off, then I used a machete, shoelace and my brain to tie it back on, and then that failed entirely.  By the time I got back to the parking lot, I had lost both my soles.  Sucks.

Faster Mustache meeting that same night.  A lot of decisions were made regarding the Short Track Series, The Icycle, and the BIG upcoming trail work day for the Tour duh Charlotte that the general public is invited to attend.

Want to see some of what we have in store?  Grab a tool and show up here.

And then this happened at the meeting, everything went to hell, and I went back to work on Monday.

See you and your tool Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure It's not an STD?

Anonymous said...

There once was a man named Dick

He worked with a shovel and pick

Till he had to go pee

And went in the trees

And came out with a sore on his prick.


There once was a man named Rich

With a shovel he toiled in the ditch

When time came to pee

He went in the trees

And then he developed "the itch"

...Whens we gons to see ze new bike?

erik minman said...

I had the exact thing happen to me with two differnt pairs of Dr. Martins within the last month. They both weren't that old, so after some bitching to their warranty dept, I have two new pair of boots that I am afraid to wear.