Friday, January 31

Time to look (not get) ill

February is around the corner.  A month of much excite.

First and foremost, this is the month that I will receive my new Spurcycle bells.

I know I said they were going to be here in November...

and then December...

and then January.

But this time it really looks like it's really real.

They've got a shit ton of these brackety things ready to go.

Two bags, 6,000 each of brass hammers.

This is the first time I've bought something through Kickstarter.  I'll admit that I was worried about whether or not I would ever see the goods after all the delays.  So many photos of "progress" showing so much of our (the investors) money wasted.

Look at the size of the microwave they bought for the break room.

They are being quite thorough with their QC.

Checking the diameter of the dome hole to ensure that horny cyclists like Nick "Dip n Spray" Barlow won't get their wieners permanently stuck during installation.  1/100 of an inch either way is the difference between a satisfied customer and an embarrassing trip to the ER.

The bell has gone through many improvements since the original design.

Settling for good enough isn't never enough.  They decided to throw in an additional, longer band...

so you can mount your bell pretty much anywhere, making it nigh impossible to reach when necessary.

How many of these poorly placed bells will we see at NAHBS in less than two months?

Shipping between February 3rd through the 14th.  I am excite.  I know you are too.  The final piece of the Vertigo puzzle (except for the frame) is almost in my hands.

February also means something else to me.

Last May, I was Christian Bale as he appeared in The Machinist, but right about now I'm up to Christian Bale in American Hustle shape.

It is time to do something about that.  I know many people who do not let their weight fluctuate throughout the year.  I don't think they are human.  I'm not gonna divulge actual numbers, but let's just say I'm up 15% since my best last year.  Why did I wait until February to do something about it?
It's cold.

I can't imagine riding around with the body fat I had back in May as my primary insulation, especially this oddly harsh (for Charlotte) winter.  I hope to put a dent into my R-factor by the end of the month, and when March is over, be within a pound or two of my ideal weight.  Just in time for the spring classics, the meat of my "season," the races I care the most about.

Summer is just whatever.

It's always comforting to know that someone else out there suffers from the same fate as I.  Not only do Elden (Fat Cyclist) and I share disappointing hair growth patterns...

He also seems to have the knack for snack and is looking to return to a form known so recently as last year but lost to the wind like so many hopes and dreams not tethered to secure ground.

It does give one something to anally compulse about and serves as temporary blog fodder until something actually happens.  I mean, once the bells actually show up, I'm out of things to talk about until April.

Oh yeah.  Short track Sunday.   I'm undecided.  I'll probably wait until the last minute to make the call.  After all, decisions are like STDs.  The best ones are rash.


BUCK said...

At least your job is to ride your bike. As a stay at home parent my job is to make snacks (and eat them). This puts me above my average of +3 to 5 lbs of beer weight in case of zombie appoclypse. I'm now in the +6 to 10 lbs of beer and snack weight and it feels dangerous.

Big E said...

I recommend beer and cookie intervals. They do wonders for your waist line.

Blair said...

The cousin of fat cyclist is a motorcycle buddy of mine. He lives in Raleigh.