Friday, January 10

Will Elvis melt when he gets wet?

I can't make this up.

After I got done professing my love my old box fan yesterday, I went to put it back in the corner where it belongs.  This happened:

That's what I get for loving an inanimate object (no genital).

This weekend, racing and stuff.

Faster Mustache is fronting a team for the Winter Short Track Series.

And by "team," I mean a group of six random members showing up with number plates.  By "fronting," I mean to provide an apparently respectable cover for secret or illegal activities.  We'll be there, some of us racing, some of us riding in circles for no good reason, and others just sitting in the woods, drinking shitty beer, and mocking people who can't hit a 6" high "jump."



But first, there is Saturday.

Are you shitting me?  The prospects for the Grumble in the Grundle tomorrow are looking bleak.

I was only planning on watching folks like Jeff Lenosky steezing the dry channels all day...

photo cred: Bones Brews & Gears Racing
But it might get rained out and moved to Sunday.... the day I'll be "racing" at the short track.

But all is not lost on Saturday.  Things might clear up enough in the afternoon for The Spoke Easy's 3rd Annual Elvis Ride.

Renelvis (The Philippino Spawn of Elvis) will be there?  Are you shitting me?

Not only Renelvis, but there also will be:

The chance to ride like the KING!
Free fun ride around the Queen City.
Free beer!
Best costume prize.

Costumes?!?  The only thing better than watching people ride around town dressed like Elvis is watching people ride around town dressed like Elvis while drinking free beer.

And if it rains all day?

I'm seriously outta indoor projects.  You don't even wanna know what I've been up to when I'm left to my own devices.

Double Dare prep in January.

You can't start too early.

And one more thing...

Thom got some great footage for Dirt Wire TV of the "single speed" race at Cyclocross Nats.

I say "single speed" because I don't recognize what I'm seeing as single speeding as I know it.  Watch rider after rider go right past Drunk Cyclist's Desiree (AKA Shot Glass) as she more than generously offers beer hand ups to all the stretchy pants wearing people going by.

It's just not right I tell you.

There needs to be rules.  Our sport is in peril.


Brian said...

thinking an old grip and two zip ties not only fixes the handle but maxes on style points

dicky said...

Already thought about that. Have some slick gripshift-length ODI's, but don't wanna split up the pair. Gonna give it some serious (unwarranted) thought over the weekend.

Brian said...

we must have gone to same engineering school - scares me to think how much time i might save just replacing something instead of scouring the house for parts to "save" it