Friday, February 7

Prepare to Meat

This winter has been hard on me to some degree.  While the temperatures have been colder than normal, they haven't rivaled some of the lows that others have experienced.  That said, I do not own appropriate clothing options for the single digits we saw a few weeks ago.  One day I couldn't find my second pair of knee warmers, ventured out into single digits with only one pair, and now my knees remind me of that laziness every single day since and henceforth.

It's not just my knees.  That finger I injured back in early November?

It's pissed.  It gets cold and unhappy.

And the toe I banged up on Thanksgiving day?

Also none too pleased to be shoved in a shoe and subjected to the cold air.

I refuse to invest money in decent gear.  I live in Charlotte, and aside from work, I'm a fair weather rider.  We usually only see one or two mornings in the teens every winter.  This year has been exceptional.  I even got my Puffy Tobin back.

Not as bad as in the past...

I have yet to go back to wearing a toe sock to keep it safe and warm.

The glamorous life indeed.

The time I've spent not rubbing my tender bits, I've been going all Harry Hogge on the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5.

There were some smart things I coulda done before the Short Track Series started, but since I was only going to do three of the five races and not take them very seriously, I didn't bother.  Then I got third.
Then I got second.

Rewarded for my lack of efforts, there was no motivation to change a thing.

Then I got seventh... right after I committed to the rest of the series.

I didn't change things around on my bike earlier because it would have required effort.  To bring the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5 to full short track race potential would have required the partial disassembly of one bike, the utilizing of other parts I'm saving for the Vertigo, and more effort than I thought it was worth...

at the time.

So this week, I made some changes.

Pay no attention to the case of Hoppyum in the background.  It's all part of "the diet."
Everything I could think to do without having to take another bike apart, use any new parts put aside for the Vertigo, or spend any money.  I'm sitting in second place overall, lost one point to third place last week, and he only beat me by eleven seconds... that's a little more than a second a lap.

So I'm trying to squeeze out a second without trying any harder.  Seems smart or possibly prepackaged laziness.

BTW:  You like that bike?  Misfit Psycles has (finally) updated their design to come in line with the times (like mine, but blacker).

44mm head tube, thru-axle options, made in Canada, very black...

and for the next few days, only $650 (with some s(ch)wag thrown in).  The pricing goes up and up from there and the goodies go down.  I like mine.

You might like yours.  Order now (or later).


Peter Keiller said...

Shill. You are.

Anonymous said...

Those updates should make for an even more kick ass frame and your digits are fucked up!

dougyfresh said...

What a mutant this dicky is.

Rob said...

You and LeBron have banged up feet in common.

I absolutely loved my DiSSent, but the "sliders" ruined it for me. If only he'd go full Dicky with a legit EBB or proper sliders (paragon).