Tuesday, February 25

The Return of the Prodigal Post... Baby Steps

I got it back... again.

It works... again.

I don't think I'll have to worry about it anymore.  You'll understand later or not.

More progress on the Vertigo... I know what you're thinking.  It's not the arrival of the most incredible bell ever .

I wish.  Almost as good though.

That's my seat tube. Remember when I said my frame will be worked into the mix?  Well, this is "the mix," and it's getting worked.  I am very excite.  With this certain amount of inability to ride a mountain bike I've experienced lately, I've passed some time looking at crabon instant gratification.  You can ask The Gentle Ginger.  He'll tell you as much.  I'm a weak man, or just a bored one.  Or both.

Other good news from the Pacific Northwest?

This is going to work on my frame.

Sorta.  The way it's supposed to be put together, it has a 51mm chainline, which is a no-go....

but take the ring off and flip it?  Boom.  57mm chainline.  Sean figured that out.  I just read the email.  Bonus aspect of this brilliance?  I get a much more subdued looking machine from the drive side.

I like it... because it's blek.

Well, of course there has to be bell news.  They finally have black pieces parts.

Not enough to fill all the orders... just some... all should be there in time for me to have a bell to ring at NAHBS... to play some bell ringing game I created some time ago where I would ring my bell at beards and such.

It was a long time ago when I came up with the rules.  I think I'll need to start all over again.

I was surprised when I found this out in the recent bell update:

"1. When we assemble bells we place a small amount of lubricant in the pivot. We've cycled the pivot tens of thousands of times, both dry and lubricated. The difference in wear is minor but just a drop of lube every year is a good idea."

This was not part of the original Kickstarter deal.  Had I known that my $35 and $45 bells were going to need maintained... I dunno.  Coulda been a deal breaker.  I've walked away from many things over lesser bothersome details.   I mean, I own sixteen pairs of footwear and only one pair has laces... and I loathe them and their problematic unlacing issues.

Of the sixteen, eleven of them have SM SH51 cleats bolted to the bottom of them...

which means something, I'm sure.

5 comments: said...

Had we have ordered the flashy silvery bells alone, we'd have them already, even though it is almost March.

dicky said...

I know... I know.

Fashion kills.

AdamB said...

It means that your SPD's go to Eleven...

Anonymous said...

Did you ever reveal the geometry numbers from your frame? Bent seat tube so I am guessing short stays? Mine go to 16.1" with a 71.5 hrs. Fun and fast!

dicky said...

I did... don't remember when though.

Maybe again at some point, I guess.