Friday, February 28

Time to change my underwear

So there was one other thing of much excite on Tuesday.  More excite than finding out my bells are nearer?

Yes, more so than that.

More than getting my 27.2 Thomson drooper that will make riding in the Pisgah seven times better than cookies for every meal?

Yes, even more so than that.

Sean from Vertigo let me know that he was posting some images of my frame getting built up over on flickr.  So far, I'd been hanging onto the image of three tubes and a frame drawing to stimulate my imagination.

And that was all I had until the bent seat tube image showed up a few days ago.

I was not sure what to expect.  I clicked over to the gallery, hands shaking, pupils bouncing, sweat on my forehead... probably had more to do with all the No-Bake cookies I just ate.  More than probably.

Anyways, I started poring over the images.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmitering.  Good sign.  The tubes don't fit together all too well without a little bit of this.  That is almost the limit of my knowledge of the world of frame building.

I asked Sean why he was using such a portly chainstay brace.  My bad.  Apparently that thing that looks like a die one would roll in a game of Dungeons and Dragons is part of the whole frame building apparatus/process.  Who knew?

And boom, just like that, he was welding pieces parts to one another.  My bike had begun to take shape.

That was all, and then I forgot to check back on the flickr page for awhile....

until Sean posted this on Facebook last night.

Qu'est que c'est?

There were more images and this one actually resembles a bicycle frame?

I checked back last night, and indeed there was much more to behold.

Sacré Bleu!  My short stays are now officially in titanium form.  Nice to see the Dungeons and Dragons die is now removed from the equation.

Fat tube mitering.  Drill baby, drill.

Nice of Sean to do all the custom graphic work as he builds.  The custom Dicky edition Enduro™ model is probably going to end up being the one that sets the standards for all Sharpie graphics to come.  You'll see a lot of it at NAHBS in 2015.

My bike may not be at NAHBS in a couple weeks, but it will be/would have been worthy of the showroom floor.  Yes, my head hurts thinking that if I wanted a Bluetooth drooper/long travel version of this same frame, Sean coulda built two at a time faster than two separate frames at two separate times.  Cart before the horse kinda stuff.  Until the Thomson gets the Bluetooth drooper off the drawing paper and into reality, best that I hold onto my spare Bitcoins a little longer.

Yes, after a period of boredom and stagnation, I am once again feeling electric.  The weather is getting better, no more short track racing, NAHBS in a few weeks, Tour duh Charlotte in less than a month, making great bike race begins in six weeks...

The off "season" is almost behind me.


the technIAn said...

That head tube angle might not be Enduro approved.

kilby said...

I want to lick those tubes, they look so delicious.

John Parker said...

I don't speak frog so I will just since it looks Rad, but what's up with the hanger for (as you call them)a shifty bit doing on the frame?

I know it's just temp for the build up but will it tanit the frame?

Anonymous said...

I would hope that hanger isn't permanent.

AdamB said...

I'll betcha' a month of no-bake cookies that your frame accompanies Sean to Charlotte... Best custom frame delivery you ever had.

dicky said...

I imagine that Sean uses that dropout for build purposes... I mean, who uses derailleurs anymore?

Anonymous said...


Vertigo Cycles said...

AdamB - Dicky is currently shedding the meat suit in preparation for the season. Please forward your no-bake cookies directly to me.