Friday, March 7

Legit Reasons for Throat Punches

Some updates and random bits.

My frame is moving along.

Sean is diligently toiling away in his arts and crafts studio to make sure that I will have the ability to make great bike race in less than a month at the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek and then (weather dependent) Dragon's Tale.  Given that I've had much time to rethink certain thoughts, I've decided to go from a 135mm rear to a 142X12. 


Partly because "the industry" tells me I need it.  Partly because I think it has its benefits, slight as they are.  Mostly because of this:

It took some finagling, but I'm finally ditching the bolt-on 5mm skewers for something else.

I've always like the concept of the DT Swiss Thru skewer.  I even had one on my Tallboy.

That was the first generation.  Clodgy design though.  Abysmal. 

The second generation looked better, but still left me confuse.

Less stupid looking, but still... when you consider which surface will be pushed on when tightening the skewer, sense it does not make.

So I've been in love with the Specialized version for quite some time.  Problem is, they are for the most part only available on complete bikes and wheelsets.  The 9mm front is more rare than an albino monk.  I got lucky and snagged one on eBay.  My local bike shop pulled some strings and the rear is on the way.  No more keeping a 5mm handy and this is cause for some other changes I may or may not entertain.  I'll be taking the skewers (and endcaps) to work with  me today to see how much this is gonna cost me in terms of lost watts.  If only the firm had a wind tunnel to go with the postal scale...

The Big Red S... I know.   I'm gonna just tell myself the S stands for Sizzlin'.

In the world of somewhat more random and down the road, I saw that Maxxis is coming forward with a 29+ tire, which was pretty much my idea.

Introducing the Chronicle.

photo cred: Bike Rumor
I want this tire, have for some time.  My 26X3.0 Gazzalodi was one of the reasons I was reluctant to give up 26" wheels back in aught six.  Now a beefy front tire can be mine... someday. I have contacted those that need to be contacted to let them know that they need to address my needs.  That means I should have mine at least two days before they are available to the regular consumer.

I only plan to run one up front.  I must say though, knowing that this exists:

and with some effort and stuff, one can make this:

photo cred: Groovy Cycleworks
I'm probably going down a road that I don't need to... I doubt a 29+ bike will be part of my stable. I've learned that slinging two 2.4 Ardents around in the Pisgah is more effort than I want to exert. Can't imagine two 29+ tires being any more fun. That said, I do want that Maxxis Chronicle tire for front rigid happy play times as soon as I can get my grubby hands on it.

But gawd, that Paragon ti yoke is so much sex... you can't get that much sex for $287.44 (plus shipping) around these parts.

One more thing.  The fact that anyone would ever make a saddle and market it as 650b...

I either want to pat that man (or woman, but probably not considering how misogynistic and wiener heavy "the industry" is) on the back or throat punch him.  As much as it makes my head hurt, at least we now know that when someone asks which saddle would be best for my bike on MTBR's 650b forum, we finally have the one correct answer.


Montana said...

My Krampus is way easier to pedal than a bike with two Ardents. Shoulda just gone full 29+. Once you ride that front tire, you'll probably get a new frame ordered anyway. Can't wait for those maxxis rubbers though

And hit a homeboy up when you're out here in August

dicky said...

Hit up a homeboy?

We are not coming for your weed, hippie.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does a thru-axle combined with a fat-bike tire seem like a contradiction of bits?

Anonymous said...

The 650b saddle has more padding since the inferior wheel size deflects more off of bumps/rocks thus pounding one's ass that much harder.