Thursday, March 27

Stagnant Movement

Some things are currently flying headlong into the black hole of progress.

I was gonna save it till April... maybe the 7th, that being my (our) wedding anniversary.  Woulda have made a great present.  The Pie was threatening to sue my hair for loss of consortium.  Things are about to get stupid here on the home front, so I made hay while the sun shined (shone?).

The time in the sun that this feature enjoyed made the lifespan of a mayfly seem like that of a tortoise.  I wanted to keep the reverse rat tail, but it was voted down by those that have to be seen with me.

I just look normal again.  I even shaved off my NAHBS specific facial hair.  On the plus side, I was out of shampoo anyways and not looking to reinvest.

Other things remain in a static limbo of going nowhere.

The Vertigo Meatplow V.7 no longer sits in front of the workbench in the "soon to be worked on or ridden" spot.  It hangs on a "let's get this out of the way for now" hook.

My kingdom for a spindle.  Scratch that.  I'm a moron.  I just found out that I need the 32 tooth direct mount chainring.

This I don't haz.  I coulda haz'ed, but Race Face sent pieces parts to Vertigo but not my pieces parts and the situation is taking some time to rectify.  If you are someone who knew me back when I was an "industry insider douchebag" and haz connections or pieces parts and an interest in seeing me ride my newest bicycle before it becomes part of a Smithsonian collection of titanium bike frames (carbon is soooooo hawt right now), lemme know.  My mailbox is waiting for your parts.

Race Face in Burnaby, BC... just five hours from Portland but might as well be Mars right now.

I used to "know" people at Race Face... in a way... of sorts.  Josh "The Wonderboy" and I pretty much raced unprofessionally for them for a whole week something like seven years ago.
The only two people I "knew" at Race Face have moved on, so Ken and Wrenchie could do no more for me than place flaming bags of dog poop on the Race Face front porch, the cyber bullying of the 70's.

I should mention that I tried to solve this problem in a typical American fashion (by throwing money at it), but I can't find what I need anywhere at any price.  Entitlement.  I bet the 1% has warehouses full of spindles chainrings (whatever) and healthcare and such.

My sads would be more if I weren't preoccupied with bigger life stuffs right now.  On top of real life, the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek is the only thing sneaking up on me immediately.  It is now a forgone conclusion that I won't make the Dragon's Tale the next day in order to get back to my reality faster.  Then I have a month before May begins and the real shitstorm of PMBAR, Pisgah 111k/55.5k, and the Trans-Sylvania Epic consume most of my free time and another 10th of my soul.


BUCK said...

Shoulda saved you hair for TSE or TdB. Ya know I have the look for you.

dicky said...

I wanted to save it for TdB... but I told The Pie it was going to be gone in April. There was going to be no three months stay of execution.

K Jacobson said...

Aww, it's Dicky-sized devil lock!

Cutting it off gives Jerry Only & Doyle the sadz.

Anonymous said...

Flaming bags of dog poo and water balloons full of pee. That will do something. Be sure to write your name on the balloons.

John said...

Dicky hippie dayz are over :(